today’s to-do: work in complete comfort

The Ergonomic Workspace: A Whole Body Approach

Your healthy workspace is the sum of many parts. It’s a system based on whole body ergonomics, where best angles, proper heights and convenient levels all work together to achieve maximum comfort. The way we see it, work shouldn’t be a pain. Ever.

Make Sitting A Moving Experience

The human body is designed to be in motion, yet 70% of us sit for hours at work. So how do you position yourself for comfort? Choose office chairs designed to encourage healthy postural movement, less strain and easier reaching.

Come To Relax The Back® For Office Solutions

There’s no reason to let pain interrupt your workday, especially when so many excellent workspace solutions are available from Relax The Back®.

Sit To Stand Desk 55" by Relax The Back®

Sit To Stand Desk by Relax The Back®

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