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DreamWave Massage Chair by Inada

Product Review (submitted on June 29, 2012):
If you are looking for a fast track to disappointment then this is the chair for you..... They do a real fine job selling it to you in the store telling you how adjustable it is and praising its breakthrough technology.
The fact is that this will never compare to a real massage it's a massive waste of money and once you have it you are stuck with the stupid thing.

1. It pushes uncomfortably on your shoulders and neck.
2. It holds your head in an uncomfortable position.
3 all the sessions are timed and stop automatically and are in general too short.
4 the air compressor is slow and too weak for a good massage, but great for providing an annoying hissing noise while you relax.
5 you can barely feel the back massage with the "padded insert" in and with it out it creates uncomfortable pressure points.

In the store when I expressed concern they assured me that I could spend a little time adjusting it and everything would be fine. they then went so far as to tell me that these sell so fast that I would easily find a buyer if I really didn't like it.... should have known right there all she was after was a commission
The store will essentially charge you 1500-2000 dollars to take it back. I have tried for months to get rid of this god awful thing and now it takes up space in my house sitting in perfect condition wrapped in plastic!! At this point I'd be happy to just pay the restocking fee but it's far too late now.