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ContourSleep Bed Wedge System

ContourSleep Bed Wedge System

Product Review (submitted on April 15, 2012):

In 2002 I underwent 14 hours of spinal surgery on L3-L5. I had one disc removed, a bone graft from my left hip, and 2 rods, 6 pedicle screws, spacer brackets, wires and a permanent battery (to stimulate fusion) placed. Since then, though I have regained my ability to walk, I am always in pain. I bought a TempurPedic mattres, and have tried all sorts of supports in order to sleep well and not wake up to severe pain and crippling muscle spasms - to no avail. This wedge system (I bought the cervical pillow as well) is amazing. It took me a few nights to adjust to it, but this morning was the first time in more than 15 years that I got out of bed without the assistance of pain killers and muscle relaxers BECAUSE I WAS NOT IN PAIN AT ALL! I cannot believe how well this works, I feel absolutely amazing!