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TEMPUR-Neck Pillow

Product Review (submitted on August 10, 2014):
My neck, (I didn't know about it,) had been fractured for more than a year. I bought it 3-4yrs before. The smell at least for me, was tollerable enough to allow me a full night's sleep in 2years. After 2yrs-restless and No sleep, I was Absolutely thrilled to get A Full Night's Sleep the 1st Night!! As my neck got worse, to after break in 2, & one vertebrae jammed into my spinal cord, not good!!! Tremendous Pain
I was in the Most pain in my life-I've given birth to 5 children, No Drugs!! This though didn't last a day or 2, this was several years of pain building. It was diagnosed in 2001. I was told to hv surgery a yr prior to when the fracture occurred! Not just months in bed, almost 1 1/2 Year's if "labor, at it's worst!!"
I Had to lay down 1yr b4 the actual break. I tried Every pillow in the House! The pillow did not stop the pain, but it make it so I was able to breath! I'm so glad I bought that $100.00 pillow when I did! Like trying to do the calculus you failed in high school, during a really Hard contraction. In that much pain, your brain get's a bit occupied then, you Can't Think Logical I'd never thought of it when the pain Really Came Cracking Down