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Management Grand Chair by Relax The Back

Product Review (submitted on June 7, 2014):
I have had this chair for only a month so cannot speak to how well it will wear over time. I had it adjusted to my body in the store, which is a good thing because the lever adjustments are rather complicated. I've attempted minor adjustments since, but with little success. However, the chair is overall quite comfortable and has good support for my back. It is sturdy and weighty. I don't think there is any chance of it tipping. I don't have the problem others mention with the arm rests being too high. I find that the rests are at the proper height to force me into good posture. However, I do not like the swivel feature. The arm rests can pivot inward, which can be very nice for your mouse hand support, etc., but they do not click into place, meaning that you spill your coffee if you lean in such a way that the rest shoots back outward. I would also like the rests moved slightly closer to each other, closer to my body, but that is apparently not an adjustment that can be made. And, I wish the seat would adjust somewhat higher. The Rest The Back personnel assured me that the highest setting fit my legs perfectly -- I had the proper 90 degree angle -- but I can't help wishing for an inch more. That would also put me in a better position relative to my 30 1/2 inch high computer desk.