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Ergonomic Kneeling Chair With Memory Foam

Product Review (submitted on February 25, 2011):
First, I was constantly sliding down this chair and needed to readjust every couple of minutes. Second, no back relief (in fact worse!) and I finally figured out why.

First it is a slippery fabric and second, I would be sitting on it with my thighs at nearly a 90 degree angle to my body. In other words, I was sitting on it as if I were sitting on a regular chair, but with zero back support.

The knee pad is NOT adjustable and is way too high for me (5'9"). In reality, for my leg length, this pad should be several inches lower to remove pressure from my pelvis and keep my back straight. Instead I am scrunched in it because knee pad is too high and not adjustable. So wonder i was always in pain on it.

Unless you are short - BEWARE before you buy. I could not get a refund from this company, so I had to get rid of the chair and lost $300.