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Premium Sacro Ease Back Support

Product Review (submitted on February 17, 2011):
The memory foam when chilled is very very hard. When it is in the 30s out side the foam is like a rock. The only way to keep it warm is to take it inside every night. Fun,, then what do yo do while your vehicle is parked all day? Well it is literaly like sitting on a rock when you get back to it. It will take about an hour of sitting on it to get it kinda soft. If you think your back was sore before,, just wait see how it feels after an hour of warming this rock up.
When it is warm I like it, its comfortable. But alittle thick. I guess if you have a terrible junk car seat it is good. But in a mid size SUV with a decent seat it is like sitting on a small telephone book. I have the seat dropped as low as it goes. But I will probably end up taking this out because I just cant grow to like sitting so high. And only in the summer if you want it to be soft.