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Mastercare Back-A-Traction Inversion Table

Product Review (submitted on March 11, 2014):
40 plus years of back pain. U.S. Army Vet. I allowed the VA to operate on me 22 years ago and they crippled me up even more which led to 20 years of morphine usage, which led to 20 years of morphine side effects. Awful stuff that morphine. So glad I never liked taking it. Finally got fed up with the normal frustrations of dealing with the VA, and told them to go screw themselves the same way that they and our politicians keep screwing our Veterans. I weaned myself off the morphine and a few months later I happened to gimp and limp into the local Relax The Back store. I returned to the store over several days,(the staff encouraged me to), and tried out all kinds of stuff. This unit is simply the best! Sure it sucks a bit when I get right-side up again, but that's gravity for ya. On the other hand, I get so much relief it ain't even funny! Sure it's rather expensive, but so much cheaper and much more convenient than regular trips to see a chiropractor, and I can use it several times a day if needed. Don't know why I didn't get one of these years ago. This unit is very safe and easy to use. Stop by your closest RTB store and try this and all of the products out. My spine is a mess...... from cervical, to sacral I've got issues, This machine hasn't made me pain free and nothing on this earth will, but this machine is something else! It just plain old feels good. Boy howdy!