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SeatCushion by Tempur-Pedic®

Product Review (submitted on December 12, 2013):
I have read the previous feedbacks and this cushion works wonders!

I fly trans-con (6.5 on a long flight) as a passenger and loath it, until this comfortable cushion !

I am also an indie movie editor and spend days and nights in the home studio--now with this cushion I feel great even after sleeping in the editing chair.

When you first sit on it, it is hard and kind of a shocker, but after it warms up to you it fits like a glove.

It is padded thick, yet its width is perfect to fit in a coach-class airline seat. I am 6'1" 160 lbs. and have no problem with the extra height another shorter user has.

I even tried it on a hard surface watching my kid's game on the bleachers. Yes, it bottoms out after about an hour, but it you use it on a padded seat or airplane this will keep you in the comfort zone!

I highly recommend this cushion!