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Dr. Riter's Real-EaSE Neck Support

Product Review (submitted on January 12, 2011):
After 3 failed surgeries on my neck, they wanted in once more to fues the rest of the bones to my Thorasic spine. I refused but was getting more pain every day. I didn't have alot of money to spend, so I started looking on-line for something to help. I found this neck cradle and saw it was available at Relax the Back store. We are lucky to have one here in Las Vegas. It's been 8 months now and my life has been saved. My neck has regained it's natural curve as best as it can with the 4 levels of grafts and fusions. My sholder and upper back pain has diminished to a tolorable level. And if it flairs up I just lay down in the cradle until it goes away again.