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Management Grand Chair by Relax The Back

Product Review (submitted on May 2, 2013):
I have a number of neck problems and significant neck pain. I can be in pain, sit in this chair with the foot rest from Relax The Back and have my pain eased. A good-fitting chair should do that.

I'm quite surprised at the mixed reviews this chair has received. I've had mine several years and it has been fantastic. I work online from home, spend at least 40 hours a week in this chair, and have for years. No problems with quality and a gazillion ways to adjust it. However, you really need a chair that is carefully fitted to you, so I would only buy a chair of this quality from a local store. My husband bought a office chair from Relax The Back, too, but he needed a different one than what I got.

Much of it comes down to having a very good local dealer who will help you get an ergonomic fit and stand behind the product. The complaints I have seen here would have been taken care of by my local dealer.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough getting a professional chair fitting, if you will. When they were fitting me to a chair, we found that I needed a foot rest, and that made a huge difference.

Some of the reviews commented that the arm rests are high. They are, but that works for me. Again, this comes back to getting a good fit and you can only do that in person. Also the armrests turn in and out, which is an excellent feature. They work perfectly for me.

The chair is incredibly heavy, which I like. It feels solid and there is zero risk of it ever tipping.

The only problem I've ever had was a freak accident when my hand slipped while the chair and the armrest were turning. I got my finger caught, pinched under the armrest. I thought I was going to pass out before I got my finger loose, but there was no permanent damage. It was mostly my own stupid fault that it happened, but I would prefer an armrest design that would not allow it to happen at all. I doubt the same thing would happen to anyone else, but it is my only reason for giving it 4 instead of 5 stars.

When buying any ergonomic product like this, check with your state and local government about tax reimbursements. Here in Texas, my doctor wrote a prescription for an orthopedic office chair and I did not have to pay state sales tax on the purchase. My local dealer handled that process.