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Product Review (submitted on July 24, 2010):
I am 32 and have terrible Fibromyalgia. I have been though Physical therapy for years, several different chiropractors, I get deep tissue massages on a regular basis (and I'm not wealthy, I just have to or I cannot function) and after years of no sign of change admitted to the hospital for intense therapy and strong medication. In the hospital one of the patients had a Theracane. She allowed me to test it out and I was instantly hooked (no pun intended). I felt the knots loosening up and the endorphins flowing. So when I was released from the hospital the first thing I did (before I even went home) was went to find the Theracane. I used it in the car on the ride home. Now there are rules and you have to follow them! You can't put it against your spine or sciatic as this could cause permanent damage (but that's the case with massage thing, they just don't have to make a big deal about it because they don't get as deep). Those are the main rules, but based on my personal knowledge of physical therapy and use of the Theracane I would also recommend being careful how long you use it in one spot. It can feel so amazing in that spot that you don't wan to take it off, or you want to just dig deeper. But if you do you could actually strip your muscle, which would really hurt. Just knead the muscle with the cane, that's what it's there to do. Also, it's releasing toxins into your body (this is VERY good thing) These toxins are what was holding that knot together, so even though you've got the toxins issue- you've gotten rid of the knot. BUT the only way to get rid of the other stuff is with water. SO you have to drink a LOT of water. A full 12oz for every one you get out (if not more). I know it seems like a lot, but trust me I have on more than one occasion gotten sicker than a dog after a massage because I didn't drink enough water. As for HOW to use the cane, it does come with a VERY useful booklet with pictures. All of which are amazing, but I was able to come up with a few of my own and so will you. It's so easy to use. I just recommend you go with the handbook first and take your time with it. I figured it out right away, but it took my husband about 5 times (now he loves it). Ok, so basically if you are in need of therapy for pain- you need this product. If you just want a massage tool- you need this product. I swear I'm not a sales person (I do work retail, but it's for a clothing store) and I'm not just saying all this to jack up the points, it's outstanding!