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PureFit Adjustable Wedge System

Product Review (submitted on March 3, 2013):
For ten years, I've had ceaseless back pain when I sleep. The only thing that helped was a Sleep Number bed. But I'd still wake up more sore than a horse (and they are sore animals!) Then I had surgery, and the Sleep Number didn't work any longer. Good lord, not being able to sleep without having terrible pain is more than a bummer. It's awful!

So, I tried to get a hospital bed in my home (and I'm 36 and in shape) because sleeping upright was the only way I could get relief. But insurance did not want to pony up. I was hopeless!

And then I stumbled upon these pups. Lemme tell you, it's not sexy, but, good lord, it's a life saver! (Seriously, a life saver... I was so sleep deprived that I'd driven off the road into a pond at 4pm!) I sleep better than I ever have, and there's less than zero pain.

I'm a bed wedge convert! These are brilliant, and they are 1/10 the cost of my Sleep Number bed. Don't delay, folks! Get yourself some wedges!