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PureContour Dual Pillow by Relax The Back

Product Review (submitted on February 22, 2013):
I have had constant neck pain, headaches and never felt like I could ever get enough sleep. I finally found a pillow that works, I wake up feeling I slept 10+ hours even if it's only been 5. It's been 4 nights now, but the first night I used it.... the next day I knew it was the right one. It wasn't hard to get used to like the contour pillows I bought from a chiropractor or retail store, which didn't work for me anyway. I always thought a nice firm pillow was the key to solving my daily headaches/neck pains, so I was skeptical. I can sleep on my side, stomach- and I haven't thought about going back to my old pillow once. I HIGHLY recommend it- it's worth the money. Only downside is it is pricey but you can tell it is durable and made well.