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ContourSide Pillow by Relax The Back

Product Review (submitted on November 23, 2012):
I have this pillow & I love it!! I did something to my spine, just below my neck. I was experiencing constant pain/discomfort, along with numbness/tingling in my fingers. After a few days of this I decided to check out a new pillow at Relax the Back, as suggested by a friend. I told the salesperson what my discomfort was & that I'm a side-sleeper. This was the first pillow she brought me. I 'rented' it for a few days. The first night I slept more hours, straight through, than I had in years. I awoke with no pain & had no pain till the end of my work day; I sit at a computer all day long. After one more night on this pillow I have had no more pain. After a few days I took the pillow back & bought my own. It's almost as if it was custom made for me. Who ever thought to make it so as your shoulder fits the way it does against the pillow is a genius.

This pillow is my new BFF & to tell you the truth, I would pay double for it. When I think of the money I have spent on bad/expensive pillows over the years - this one is money well spent.