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DreamWave Massage Chair by Inada

Product Review (submitted on November 17, 2012):
We purchased our chair at Relax the Back in Orlando. What a PLEASANT experience! The owner is incredibly knowledgeable, highly professional, thoughtful, etc. After several hours of research, chair demos, etc. we made the decision to buy the Inada Sogno Dreamwave. We found the product, company, service, etc. to FAR exceed anything else on the market. It is the most expensive chair on the market in terms of initial expense, but we believe it to be the best value.

The chair is everything it was designed to be and it functions flawlessly. The controls are simple to operate and the build quality is absolutely impeccable to the smallest detail.

As a former professional athlete, I have experienced my share of human massages. This chair is incredibly to the real thing - in many areas of the body, it does a better job. Best of all, it works at OUR convenience (night or day) in the privacy of our home - no appointment necessary.