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The Novus Zero Gravity Recliner by Relax The Back

Product Review (submitted on November 1, 2012):
I got this chair to replace a dilapidated recliner that was causing leg and lower back pain, and in the shop, it seemed to be the answer to my pain. This chair does keep the knees bent, which helps a lot, but now that I've spent a couple of days with it, I'm a little disappointed. The arm rests are very low, so you can't really use them to push yourself up to standing. The angle between your lap and back makes using a laptop computer uncomfortable. Also, I got the one with the motor, and I'm sorry I did that. The effort of getting out of the old recliner gave me a little more exercise. I had to push my legs down to come to a normal sitting position. I could also change sitting positions in the recliner, but there is only one position in this chair, and after about a half hour in that one position, it's difficult to if my muscles are stuck. In the fully reclined position, (knees higher than heart), it becomes difficult to breath, as if my lungs have too much weight on them. The quality is excellent, the leather is beautiful, and I couldn't ask for a better built chair, but it is not as comfortable as I thought it would be for long periods of sitting, and it's not ideal for laptop computer time. There's no way you can jump up out of it (if the doorbell rings), as the motor is slow to return the chair to a normal position for standing up. I have been accustomed to plopping down in the recliner and flipping back into comfort, but with this chair, I have to sit and then wait for the motor to take me to a comfortable angle. Lumbar pillow is a nice addition. I'm hoping I will like it more as time goes on, but if I had known then what I know now, I might not have purchased it. For the price, it has more issues than the lower priced recliners.