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Navy Cotton

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BedLounge Backrest Pillow


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Customer Reviews

4 Item(s)

Worthless for medical issues Review by RSR:

on 11/5/2014

I can see how it might be ok for those who just want to sit up in bed, but even then, it is not at all worth the cost. I have had two cervical spine surgeries, one just a couple weeks ago. Fortunately, the recovery isn't that bad and after a couple of days I can function pretty normally, but since I took a few weeks off work and planned on mostly resting in bed for that time, I decided I needed support to sit up while I watch tv, etc. I purchased this (on a different website) based on so many good reviews, and like another reviewer said, it was one of the most disappointing purchases I have ever made online. It is very stiff and not at all comfortable. I'm not sure if it is actually just cardboard in it, but that's what it feels like as far as the adjustable headrest and pivoting arms. To adjust the headrest, I felt like I was literally just folding cardboard down. It just feels incredibly cheap. Even if the quality wasn't so terribly poor, it wasn't a good fit for someone petite (I'm 5'2) - the head and arm rests are too high. Needless to say, this was returned.

Sitting in bed is now comfortable Review by Janet:

on 1/16/2014

I have neck and shoulder trouble and cannot get comfortable when sitting in bed. No amount or configuration with pillows worked for me. I love my bed lounger. It provides great support for my beck and shoulders. My arms can rest on the supports or can rest by my side. It's roomy. I rarely try to lay my head back as I'm usually reading, but could do so without pain. The neck rest does adjust for height. I put a bed pillow between my bed lounger and the headboard and this provides a bit of room for the neck rest to move horizontally. The foam is rigid. The covering is washable. It is light weight and easy to carry to the closet when not in use. It does take up quite a bit of space. It am just so grateful to have it because I like to sit in bed and now I can do that pain free.

great for the bed Review by hacketta:

on 1/1/2014

I spend lots of time sitting on my bed and this supports my back and makes me feel comfortable hours at a time with many helpful adjustments.

Would not buy again Review by PBR:

on 6/29/2011

This is one of the most disappointing purchases I have ever made online. The bed lounger is stiff, rigid, and not at all comfortable. It's not worth half of its cost. Even worse, the company would not allow me to return it even though I asked to return one day after receiving it and less than one hour after opening it.

4 Item(s)

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