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YuMe Relaxation Rocking Massage Chair by Inada


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Customer Reviews

3 Item(s)

Great quality and acceptable price Review by Best Chair Ever:

on 5/21/2015

I have had different types and brands of chairs in the past, but when I tried this in the store, I had to have one. I have had mine for 2.5 years and it has solved numerous issues and it continues to keep me flexible.

fantastic chair Review by raflyn:

on 4/21/2014

this chair is the fourth style of massage chair we have had and it is the last one we will buy it is fantastic it works for all body types and weights and does a great job this chair has had more use than all the others combined and we would recommend it to everyone

Charming, wonderful product Review by David:

on 1/6/2013

For me, the Inada YuMe is a completely different kind of massage chair experience. When I first began looking at massage chairs I was of the mindset of simply comparing massage features from one chair to another. If a chair's features didn't 'measure up ' it was taken off my list for purchase. When I experienced the Inada YuMe chair, it proved how wrong that approach is. In fact, after sitting in the YuMe for 15 minutes I fell asleep in the brightly lit Relax The Back store, something that has never happened in any chair I've tried. It's not the number of features that makes a great massage chair, it's the overall massage/relaxation experience the chair gives you. That's what you're really buying. The YuMe provides you with a wonderful, non-mechanical feeling of being deep tissue massaged and cuddled to a place of mind/body relaxation. Which, after so many chairs is what I realized I want. Each massage is highly nuanced, with honest to goodness human movements and subtle, exquisite massage transitions. The overall feeling is that someone is lovingly massaging you. The YuMe is very easy to get in and out of and operates very quietly. The chair's own soft material makes a very relaxing, warm, stretching and creaking sound as the massage heads press into your sore muscles and melt tension away the sound a nice leather jacket makes while you are wearing it. And then there is the YuMe's unique foot/calve massager that simultaneously compresses, twists and pulls your calf muscles. This one-of-a-kind calf massage sends waves of relaxation through your body. And the finale is the YuMe's soft, gentle rocking motion massage which feels like you're floating down a quiet river.The YuMe has a completely authentic and ingenious approach to massage chairs which made me fall in love with it. Forget about high-tech sounding features and check out the YuMe before you buy any other massage chair!

3 Item(s)

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