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First chair to solve my problem….
I purchased this chair 6 months ago after YEARS of chiropractic visits and other less expensive chair and chair pad purchases. I have Piriformis symptoms (a condition in which the piriformis muscle, located in the buttock region, spasms and causes buttock pain) for over 4 years so sitting for more than 30 minutes was a huge problem. I was hesitant to purchase such an expensive chair but the sales person offered me a 30 day return policy so I bit the bullet. This chair is worth every penny. I can now spend LONG hours sitting at my desk without pain. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from buttock, back and/or hip pain. I immediately removed the arms to fit the chair under my desk and I don't miss or want them.
Review by JCS / (Posted on 10/19/2015)
Solid chair, relieve pressure points
I bought this chair back in Nov 2002 (12 years +). The chair has stood up well. The gel seat, back etc. are still in good condition. The only issue right now is a crack that appeared in the front of the chair. The original was blue and the fabrics stood up fairly well -no holes, single seam break on the back portion that barely noticeable. Looking at buying my second one.

Good: Chair is easy to adjust, comfortable, and reduces pressure points in the seat and lower back.

Complaints: Location of the seat angle adjustment handle - I always hit it with my right leg when I lean back. The armrests are not well connected (wiggle a lot).

When I got the chair, I weighed 350 pounds (now down to 205). The chair took the weight and adjusted as I lost it. Overall, I plan on getting another one. Price is pretty high, but the quality is worth it.
Review by Andy / (Posted on 8/22/2014)
Seat Could Be Higher, Arm Rests Less Wiggly
I have had this chair for only a month so cannot speak to how well it will wear over time. I had it adjusted to my body in the store, which is a good thing because the lever adjustments are rather complicated. I've attempted minor adjustments since, but with little success. However, the chair is overall quite comfortable and has good support for my back. It is sturdy and weighty. I don't think there is any chance of it tipping. I don't have the problem others mention with the arm rests being too high. I find that the rests are at the proper height to force me into good posture. However, I do not like the swivel feature. The arm rests can pivot inward, which can be very nice for your mouse hand support, etc., but they do not click into place, meaning that you spill your coffee if you lean in such a way that the rest shoots back outward. I would also like the rests moved slightly closer to each other, closer to my body, but that is apparently not an adjustment that can be made. And, I wish the seat would adjust somewhat higher. The Rest The Back personnel assured me that the highest setting fit my legs perfectly -- I had the proper 90 degree angle -- but I can't help wishing for an inch more. That would also put me in a better position relative to my 30 1/2 inch high computer desk.
Review by Oakley / (Posted on 6/7/2014)
Excellent chair for years
I have a number of neck problems and significant neck pain. I can be in pain, sit in this chair with the foot rest from Relax The Back and have my pain eased. A good-fitting chair should do that.

I'm quite surprised at the mixed reviews this chair has received. I've had mine several years and it has been fantastic. I work online from home, spend at least 40 hours a week in this chair, and have for years. No problems with quality and a gazillion ways to adjust it. However, you really need a chair that is carefully fitted to you, so I would only buy a chair of this quality from a local store. My husband bought a office chair from Relax The Back, too, but he needed a different one than what I got.

Much of it comes down to having a very good local dealer who will help you get an ergonomic fit and stand behind the product. The complaints I have seen here would have been taken care of by my local dealer.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough getting a professional chair fitting, if you will. When they were fitting me to a chair, we found that I needed a foot rest, and that made a huge difference.

Some of the reviews commented that the arm rests are high. They are, but that works for me. Again, this comes back to getting a good fit and you can only do that in person. Also the armrests turn in and out, which is an excellent feature. They work perfectly for me.

The chair is incredibly heavy, which I like. It feels solid and there is zero risk of it ever tipping.

The only problem I've ever had was a freak accident when my hand slipped while the chair and the armrest were turning. I got my finger caught, pinched under the armrest. I thought I was going to pass out before I got my finger loose, but there was no permanent damage. It was mostly my own stupid fault that it happened, but I would prefer an armrest design that would not allow it to happen at all. I doubt the same thing would happen to anyone else, but it is my only reason for giving it 4 instead of 5 stars.

When buying any ergonomic product like this, check with your state and local government about tax reimbursements. Here in Texas, my doctor wrote a prescription for an orthopedic office chair and I did not have to pay state sales tax on the purchase. My local dealer handled that process.
Review by pnwfoodie / (Posted on 5/2/2013)
Love This Chair!!!
I am a software developer and am sitting at my desk 8-10 hours a day. I had a Herman Miller chair and a Humanscale chair prior to the Herman Miller, neither of those adjusted to my fit or were comfortable for long term sitting like this chair has been. I was seeing a chiropractor on a weekly basis before I purchased this chair, it has helped my back so much that I rarely have to go for chiropractic visits. So far, this chair has saved me a total $300 in chiropractic visits. I have had this chair for over 2 months and am already planning on buying another just like it for my home office. I have told so many people about this chair and would suggest it to anyone that wants to be comfortable sitting all day.
Review by Brain-ware34 / (Posted on 11/16/2012)
Terrible chair
I bought this chair, believing it would be a great ergonomic chair. I found;

(1) The arm rests are too high and cannot be lowered enough -thus I had to remove them.

(2) The lifting mechanism broke after 6 months. I called for a replacement, as this is under warrantee. The said the part is free, but the not the shipping ($50). Well, I got the part, but now the installation is near impossible, and requires special tools. They will not do the installation, but referred me to a vendor that charges $75. This is totally insane.

(3) Stay away from this crappy company and their crappy products and service.
Review by Gave it a try / (Posted on 4/23/2012)
Not worth the money
I was really excited about this chair in the store. It felt great when I sat in it and I was desperate for a solution to my back pain so I ended up buying it, spending WAY more than I wanted to for a chair. I'm disappointed to report that, after six months of sitting in it, the memory foam in the seat of the chair is already starting to break down. I had read less than stellar reports about the quality of this chair but didn't believe them - now I know I should have.

Also, there are some really fundamental flaws in how the chair is designed. For example, the arm rests don't go down far enough to allow my shoulders to relax all the way down - I've resorted to removing the armrests entirely (which is a HUGE disappointment) to prevent my neck/shoulders from cramping up (which was happening). Also, the seat is currently at its highest setting off the ground, i.e., it won't extend any higher. My legs are at the proper 90 degree angle, but if my legs were slightly longer, I'd be out of luck.

Basically, I think you can get a much better quality chair for less money at the RTB stores. Check out the Humanscale chairs, but I'd suggest not buying this one. Hope this was helpful.
Review by KT2112 / (Posted on 9/22/2011)

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