The Advantages of Owning Your a Relax The Back Franchise

You’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a franchise. But what now? There are hundreds of franchise opportunities: restaurants, service providers, retail outlets and more. How do you determine the criteria for your decision? Ideally, you want a nationally recognized company with financial stability that supports its franchisees. What about a company that’s lead their industry for more than 20 years, with a successful business model that hinges upon the achievements of its franchisees? If this sounds like a winning formula,Relax The Back may be the ideal franchise opportunity for you.


Why Relax The Back

Relax The Back generates approximately $91,000,000 dollars in annual revue, solely from sales made by its franchisees. Relax The Back doesn’t own a single “company” store; each store is owned and operated by a franchisee. You’re not in competition with the company; you hold a strategic partnership with the company. Relax The Back has developed a financially successful business model based on an integral partnership with its franchisees.Relax The Back'ssuccessdepends on your success. It’s in their best interest to see your business triumph, and franchisees receive top to bottom support.


Territory and Site Selection

Relax The Back provides franchisees with a list of “protected” territories. Once you select your location from this list, and no other Relax The Back store can open in this territory; you’re granted exclusive domain. The real estate department also helps you choose a suitable site and advises you in the leasing process.


Relax The Back University (RTBU), Training & Mentorship

Relax The Back realizes training is imperative to the success of your business, and they deliver with a comprehensive program. RTBU educates franchisees through an intensive two-week curriculum with in-depth instruction, covering product knowledge, spinal health, business management and marketing. You also receive practical in-store training prior to your grand opening. Mentorship is the real key to the success of the training program. Your mentor guides you step-by-step through the process of opening your store. An existing franchisee mentors you with hands-on training in their Relax The Back store. Additionally, your mentor conducts pre- and post-opening visits to your store, to evaluate your progress, and offer suggestions for improvement.


Merchandise Support

Merchandise selection and inventory control are among the most difficult aspects of managing a retail store. The Relax The Back merchandise support team will help you with your initial inventory selection, and offer ongoing support and advice on proper inventory management. The merchandise support team will also help you create effective visual displays, ensuring your store appears polished and professional.


Ongoing Support

The support you receive from the Relax The Back team doesn’t end with the launch of your store. When you purchase a Relax The Backfranchise, you’re entering into a lifelong partnership. Relax The Backhas a vested interest in the success of your business and they’re with you every step of the way.


Healthy Living

An estimated 76 million Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age and the demand for health related products within this group is at an all time high. A dramatically increasing number of young people are shifting toward living healthier lifestyles. As an industry leader in health related retail products,Relax The Back is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this rapidly expanding market. Unlike many franchise opportunities, Relax The Back offers franchisees the opportunity to create a business that really helps people and promotes healthy lifestyles.


The Advantage is Clear

Market position, outstanding revenue, continued financial success and unparalleled franchisee support—the Relax The Back advantage is clear. If you’re interested in forming a partnership with an organization that’s dedicated to your success, Relax The Back is the ideal franchise opportunity for you.


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