Tips to Improve Your Workspace
Movement and proper support in the workplace is essential to having a productive, pain-free day. Our bodies were made to move, however, many Americans are sitting roughly 8 hours a day. That adds up to 56 hours a week of staying in the same position.

When we do not have the proper setup that promotes ergonomic comfort and movement, arm, hand, and shoulder fatigue caused by overexertion can occur, as well as stress on limbs due to awkward positions and musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make sure your workspace is properly set up and adjusted to provide the most comfort and support throughout the day.
Setting Up Your Ergonomic Cockpit
An ergonomic workstation should minimize awkward postures and exertions, allow for proper placement of all necessary computer accessories, and provide proper clearance for your legs. Think of your desk as a cockpit, similar to an airplane or a car. All of your essential pieces of office equipment should be within arm’s reach to prevent unnecessary movement and strain.
Use these three key points as a guide for setting up an ergonomic cockpit:

1. Align the bottom of your monitor and the spacebar on the keyboard with the midline of the body.

2. Equipment you use most often, such as your computer mouse and keyboard, should be closest to you in the primary work area. This primary work area allows your wrists and palms to always maintain neutral posture.

3. Tools used less often should remain within arm’s reach, however, these can be placed slightly farther away, just past the primary work area. It’s important to remember all tools should never be too far away as to cause exertion or strain when reaching for them.
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Ergonomic office chairs improve your posture and make it easy for you to work by supporting your lumbar, back, and arms.

Seating supports assist in supporting the proper angle of your hips and the natural curvature of your spine.  Proper support allows you to feel less fatigued and be more productive during your day.

Adjustable standing desks relieve stress on your back and legs and help you avoid feelings of lethargy and fatigue.

Ergonomic footrests increase blood flow and circulation throughout your body to prevent discomfort or stiffness.