Get Back To Healthcare Basics
In The New Year
From the moment we wake up in the morning to the time we go to sleep, the decisions we make have a lasting impact on our comfort, health, and wellbeing. This year, aim to get back to the basics of caring for your back, spine, and overall health.
See how the 4 S’s, Stretch, Strengthen, Stabilize, and Sleep,
can help you improve your health:
Stretch and Strengthen 
Start your morning with a stretching routine to help get the blood flowing early. Add in simple exercises to begin building strength. This sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Get a full body stretch, increase circulation, and relax away stiffness and pain with an inversion table. You can also perform ab exercises on an inversion table.

Using a foam roller is an effective, inexpensive, and easy way to stretch while adding the health benefits of a massage.
Invest in back cushionsand seating supports to ensure your back and spine are properly supported throughout the day.

The Self-Inflating Back Restis perfect for the car, office chair, flights, or even the movies.

If long commutes are part of your day, McCarty’s Premium Sacro Ease Back Supportimproves posture and relieves discomfort and pain.
Quality sleep products play an important part in keeping you pain-free so you can have a restful night’s rest. Invest in products that offer back and spinal support all night.

Anadjustable baseallows you to find neutral posture and spinal support while you relax or sleep.

A proper pillow should fit your body type and sleep style for lasting support and comfort.

Add extra support where you need it most and reduce pressure on the spine with a bed wedge system.