The Importance of a Foot Rest
As we spend more time at the office, the prevalence of work-related injuries has gone up. From an ergonomic point of view, it’s not hard to see why. Sitting for prolonged periods in a static position can lead to a wide range of maladies. Varicose veins, neck stiffness, and muscle aches often result from poor workplace ergonomics.

However, a quality foot rest can help prevent numerous work-related injuries. As part of a well-designed workstation, foot rests can increase your productivity while decreasing the chance for repetitive strain injuries, lower back pain, and eye strain.

Foot rests support your legs and reduce pressure on your lower back. Relax The Back carries several rocking foot rests that encourage movement with a gentle back and forth motion. This constant motion increases circulation to your lower extremities, which helps prevent numbness, blood clots, and muscle tenderness.

For the shorter among us, foot rests also help support leg weight, as well as prevent feet from dangling from the chair. They keep the feet in a relaxed, neutral position regardless of how high your shoe or boot heel is. If you wear high heels, this is particularly beneficial.


So, if you find yourself working longer and longer hours, you may want to invest in a quality foot rest. With a foot rest as part of your ergonomic workstation, you can decrease the risk of long periods of inactivity. They also promote better posture by allowing you to sit all the way in the back of the chair, which can relieve the pressure on your spinal column by as much as 40%.

Although a foot rests may not be the first item we think of when it comes to workplace ergonomics, they provide too many benefits to be overlooked.