Gardening and Back Pain
Gardening can be a wonderful, therapeutic pastime, but can also lead to back pain. Constantly leaning over to weed, mulch, and cultivate the ground puts strain on your shoulders, lower back, and spine. Luckily, there are several techniques to reduce your back pain while still enjoying a refreshing hobby.
As always, we recommend that you check with your healthcare provider to see if gardening is safe for you.
Hands and Knees Weeding – Weeding on all fours, enables you to keep your spine elongated for less pain and strain. Pay attention to how your shoulders are bearing responsibility for reaching, grasping and supporting your body weight. As you notice unnecessary tension, try to relax out of it.
Lifting – When carrying heavy bags of soil or a wheelbarrow full of tools, be sure to lift with your knees. Your knees and hips are better equipped than your back for lifting heavy objects, so lift with them to avoid lower back strain. Using a posture support can keep you aware of how you are lifting.
Back pain exercises – Before gardening, make sure you limber up. Do a series of stretches and exercises to loosen your back and shoulder muscles before maintaining your garden.
April 2011
 The Hug by Koala is great for gardening and other household chores. It provides posture support without putting pressure on your stomach. Just slip it on, adjust to your size, and attack those weeds. Fits 28” - 52” waists.
Quality tools – Old or broken tools with lot of wear and tear can make simple jobs a lot more difficult, so the next time you see that rusty rake, think about investing in a new set of tools. Your back will thank you for it.