September, 2014
Move Away From
Workplace Aches and Pains
From your daily commute, to the hours spent sleeping, sitting at work or at home, the average American will spend up to 22 hours a day being inactive. This lack of movement can be associated with nearly all discomfort, pain, and health issues associated with prolonged sitting. Studies have shown that people who incorporate movement into their workday are more productive, feel happier, and have less back and neck pain.

For a pain-free and productive day, get moving


Varying positions throughout the day has significant health benefits. Improve circulation, minimize static muscle fatigue and maintain healthy posture with these tips:

  • Quickly, quietly, and conveniently change positions from sitting to standing with an adjustable Standing Desk. Standing relieves stress on your spine while increasing circulation, mental alertness, and core strength.
  • Look for office chairs, such as the  Lifeform® Ultimate Executive High Back Office Chair, that include optional Core-Flex technology. This technology allows the body to maintain it's natural motion. Our bodies naturally want to shift weight from side to side every 30 seconds. This is called postural sway. Core-Flex technology promotes this healthy, natural motion. Reduce pain and discomfort by strengthening your core and back muscles with a Core-Flex seat.
  • Adjust the tension in your chair and unlock the backrest to help support gentle movement in your upper body when you lean back.
  • If possible, use the stairs to walk a flight or two up to your office instead of using the elevator.
  • Set reminders on your phone to get up and move around for 5-10 minutes every hour.
  • Incorporate a walking meeting if tech gadgets aren't needed. Stop to take notes whenever necessary.
  • Instead of sending that email or calling your colleague, walk over to their desk to discuss in person.

The Lifeform® Ultimate Executive Office Chair with Core-Flex technology allows your body to maintain its natural movement by encouraging tilting of the pelvis and activation of leg and core mucles.

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This mobile desk lets its owner get down to work anywhere. Pull up to your bed, comfortable sofa or chair, or use as an added work surface in your home office for additional desk space!

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