Don’t Let Back Pain Derail Summer Travel Plans

For many, the summer season brings memories of outdoor activities, family road trips, relaxation and excitement.

Back pain shouldn't be part of those memories. When traveling by plane, train, or automobile, your back health should be a top priority. Back pain is a common side effect of prolonged sitting, which often occurs during summer travel.

Prolonged sitting can lead to poor posture, hindering circulation and depriving the lower back from oxygen. Thinking ahead and preparing for your travels will help ensure a pain-free and enjoyable summer vacation.

Traveling by car
  • Make time to stop at rest stops and move around during road trips. Spending a few minutes doing simple back stretches every hour can make a big difference in keeping pain at bay. Also, try sharing driving time when possible.

  • Back supports such as McCarty’s Sacro Ease facilitate healthy posture while providing comfortable seat support during long car rides. It can be customized to the unique curve of your spine for maximum support.

  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps cushion and lubricate joints and muscles.

  • Traveling by air
  • Instead of packing one large, heavy suitcase, pack 2 smaller bags. This will make lifting your luggage into overhead bins and off of baggage carousels easier.

  • Book an aisle seat to allow for easy access in and out of your seat. When it is safe to do so, stand up and stretch. Walk up and down the aisle to help get your circulation moving.

  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-store, our Self-Inflating Back Rest provides extra support for your lower back, as most flight seats do not offer proper lumbar support.