Say Goodbye to Back Pain with the Neutral Posture Position

When it comes to musculoskeletal knowledge, your mother was right: stand up straight. Over time, poor posture takes a toll on our shoulders, spine, knees and hips. When our body isn’t properly aligned, our muscles, rather than our bones, support our weight. This puts unnecessary strain and discomfort on our body.

Why poor posture should be a concern:
  • Ongoing back pain
  • Increase risk of death and disease
  • Poor circulation
  • Excessive thoracic kyphosis (forward rounding of the upper back)
  • Depression

  • Reverse the affects with neutral posture:
    Pain and discomfort due to poor posture is preventable with neutral posture. Neutral posture refers to positioning the spinal column and pelvis in a manner that allows the spine to be in a relaxed and stable alignment.

    Lying on our side provides the best example of this position. Our knees naturally bend toward our torso in a quasi-fetal position allowing our pelvis and spine to align in a natural S-shaped curve, thereby reducing tension in the cervical and lumbar spine. This is an intuitive posture that relieves muscle tension, improves circulation, and alleviates disk pressure.

    The neutral posture position at home:
    Neutral posture can be achieved in all aspects of life: working, relaxing, and sleeping. Investing in back-friendly furniture that promotes a neutral posture position such as bed wedges, seating supports, footrests, and zero gravity recliners. The Perfect Chair® by Human Touch®, provides significant relief and improves back health. Additionally, regular exercise to strengthen core muscles and simple stretches performed in the morning and at night will help maintain proper posture and prevent pain throughout the day.

    To find out more on what products promote neutral posture positioning, visit your local Relax The Back.