Newsletter April, 2015
With 33% of work-related injuries being caused by poor workstation setup, it is no surprise that many offices are beginning to move away from traditional setups to workstations focused on providing proper ergonomic support.

Studies have shown we are sitting, on average, 56 hours a week. Regardless if you maintain an active lifestyle outside of work, you can still be susceptible to pains and discomfort from sitting for prolonged periods of time. Creating a comfortable, ergonomic workstation plays a big role in your physical health, stress, energy, and productivity levels.

Benefits of High Tech Ergonomics
Today, ergonomic products are evolving to keep up with the high tech advances of society. Most recently, a former Apple engineer and his company, Stir Works, released the first ever height adaptive “smart” desk. The Stir Kinetic Desk M1 was created to help users effortlessly move while they work throughout the day. When we’re spending half of our waking hours at work, it is important to invest in your health

Learns: This desk senses your presence while working and keeps track of your daily movements. It begins to adapt to your specific needs the more you use it. By tracking your habits, it is able to customize moving from sitting to standing to benefit you best. Stir focuses on keeping you active, so you can focus on working.

Breathes: Known as the “whisperbreath”, the Stir Kinetic gently rises and falls to remind you to move. This breath invites and reminds people to move throughout the day. This physical engagement is a gentle push in getting people to be more active at their desks.

Quantifies: While it tracks your daily movements and habits, the Stir Kinetic Desk M1 shares information with you regarding how much you sit, stand while working and extra calories burned through it’s touchscreen pad.


It Takes More Than A Desk

While a high tech ergonomic desk can help make a difference in your health, a desk alone will not solve all of the problems associated with poor workstation setup. From your monitor arms, to your mouse & keyboard setup, to your task lighting, the positions of your workstation equipment play a role in helping you stay comfortable and pain-free.

Think of your desk as a cockpit, similar to your car or an airplane. All of your essential pieces of equipment should be within arm’s reach to prevent unnecessary movement and straining. Be sure to have enough space on your desk to move freely without forcing awkward postures or exertions.

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