Newsletter February, 2015
Did you know that neutral posture can be achieved in many different aspects of life? The NASA concept of neutral posture is a measurable set of angles which allows the spine to be in its most relieved, relaxed, and stable alignment. Similar to the position astronauts have while floating in space or that our bodies take when we relax in a pool, our spine naturally assumes a neutral posture alignment.  

Finding ways to incorporate this alignment into your everyday life will reduce tension in the cervical and lumbar spine as well as improve circulation.

Neutral posture at every touch point

For those of us who work at desk jobs, a majority of our days are spent in front of a computer and in the office. Invest in a quality, ergonomic office chair  that has proper lumbar support while maintaining the proper sitting posture to preserve the natural curve of your spine. Pair it with a footrest to achieve a neutral posture position while working.

Lumbar and seat cushions are also affordable ways to maintain the natural curves of your spine at your desk or on your daily commute. When sitting for prolonged hours at work or in a car, it is common tendency to slouch. This leads to back pain due to the unnatural curvature of the spine. Lumbar and seat cushions are medically designed to allow for proper neck, shoulder, and pelvis alignment when in a seated position to reduce and prevent these pains.

When relaxing at home, stay away from cushy couches and chairs that cause you to sit with your spine rounded at the pelvis. Instead choose furniture that provides proper support to your spine and the ability to recline with your knees higher than your heart.
 This position greatly reduces disk pressure, improves circulation, and relieves soft tissue tension associated with static resting postures.

It is also possible to find the benefits of neutral posture in your bedroom. Bed wedges and adjustable bases elevate your legs above your heart. This helps the spine decompress and align in its natural S-shaped curve. Stress on the heart is minimized and oxygen-rich blood is pumped to fatigued muscles so wake up feeling refreshed.

Investing in back-friendly products such as those
mentioned will provide significant relief and benefits that last throughout the day.

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