Lifeform High Back Executive Office Chair

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The Lifeform Ultimate Executive High Back Office Chair will perfectly adjust to the natural contours of your body, improving comfort and helping you be more productive throughout the day. Ergonomic chairs are designed to create the ideal sitting environment so work longer without putting yourself at risk for long-term back injuries due to prolong sitting.

Just because you're working long hours doesn't mean that your body has to suffer. With the Lifeform High Back Executive Office Chair, you can make sure your body is well taken care of, regardless of the length of your day.
Lifeform's Ultimate Executive High Back Office Chair is both supportive and prominent. This chair is a perfect fit for an executive looking to be productive while enjoying the ergonomic benefits of a high back office chair.
Above photo is shown with upgrades.
Download Resources: Lifeform Reference Guide, Digital Chair Tag Booklet

Built-in Headrest High Back (2390)

model provides head and neck support.

Schukra® Lumbar Support

system adjusts to any size, posture, or position by increasing or decreasing the amount of curvature in the lumbar area.

Memory Foam Arm Pads with Swivel

Function relieve pressure on the forearm and adjusts to suit any activity or task.

Life-Foam™ Back, Seat and Arm Pads

are temperature and pressure sensitive memory foam that conforms to your body’s natural curves to reduce pressure and improve circulation.

Height and Width Adjustable Arms

relieve shoulder stress and provide support for any height or width of user.

Adjustable Back Angle

function allows the user to change the back angle while seated in the chair.

Front Tilt Lock Feature

prevents your chair from tipping forward when the free float function is in use.

Adjustable Seat Height

adjusts quickly to suit any size user.

Variable Tilt, Tilt Tension

and Infinite Tilt Lock Functions allow user to freely rock forward and backward or lock chair into any position.

Lateral Shaped Back

follows the contour of your body to support the entire back rather than just the center area.

Height Adjustable Ratchet Back

adjusts to any size user.

Contour Seat

is shaped to body contours, to relieve pressure and encourage correct posture.

Depth Adjustable Seat

slides easily and quickly to adapt to any size user.

Heavy Duty Knee Tilt Control Mechanism

allows you to recline without lifting your feet and offers ease of movement and years of reliable comfort.

Five Star Base

with fiberglass reinforcement for strength and stability. 65mm Dual Wheel Casters for smooth operation in any application.

Please call 800.222.5728 or a Relax The Back store to order the Embossed Mid Section or to order a Two-Tone Chair.
This chair is made to order. Please allow 3-6 weeks for manufacturing and shipping.
Total Height: 48.5 – 53.5″
Back Height: 30.5″ – 33.25″
Seat Height: 19″ – 21.5″
Width Between Arm Pads: 17″ – 21″
Seat Width: 21″
Total Depth: 23.75″ – 25.75″
Seat Depth: 20″
Arm Pad Height from top of seat: 6″ – 10″
Total Width: 25.5″ – 29.5″
Arm Pad Length: 11.5″
Back Width: 21″
Arm Pad Width: 4.5″
Weight Limit: 350 lbs.
Lifeform has been a partner with Relax The Back for over 20 years. Enjoy this exclusive warranty, only available to Relax The Back customers.

Limited Warranty Conditions and Exclusions:
Customers are responsible for transportation costs to and from the dealer or Lifeform®. The limited warranty covers parts only and is not transferable. Obvious signs of abuse, misuse, or negligence voids this limited warranty.
Limited warranty begins from date of purchase – customer’s original bill of sale and serial number must be provided at time of claim or by default the date of manufacture will be used.
Lifeform is not responsible for damage caused by transport, improper assembly or installation, maintenance, modification or tampering. To ensure your limited warranty is valid, follow the Maintenance Instructions as provided in this Owner’s Reference Guide. Please note that squeaks and creaks are typical of new chairs or chairs that have not been adjusted for a long time. Please refer to the Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips area of the Lifeform Reference Guide for more information.
Ultimate Executive™ Chairs:
Lifeform® guarantees workmanship, all components, and premium leather coverings for the lifetime of the chair. Maximum Weight Limit: 350 lbs.
Foam Warranty:
Lifeform® foam products are of the industry’s highest quality. Lifeform warrants their foam to be free from defects and premature break down for a period of 5 years for LIFE"Foam™ Memory Foam, and 2 years for LIFE"Foam™ HR Foam. LlFE"Foam™ foams will see a slight gradual decrease in viscosity and increase in softness over many years of use. These natural wearing characteristics do not affect the pressure alleviating virtues of the foam and are not covered under warranty.
Coverings Limited Warranty Fabric is protected by a two (2) year limited warranty. Fabric is inclusive of our standard fabric selections: Dream Weave™, Nauga Soft®.
COM (Customer’s Own Material) is not covered under warranty.
Mesh Backs are protected by a five (5) year limited warranty against premature wear under normal conditions and non-commercial use.
Standard Leather is protected by a ten (10) year limited warranty.
Premium Leather is protected by a Lifetime limited warranty.
Leather is covered against premature wear under normal conditions, and cracking or splitting only.
Lifeform® does not warrant:
Normal wear and tear marks, scars, wrinkles or stretching that may occur in natural leather.
Matching of grains, colors, or textures in natural leather. Exact color matching to cuttings, samples, swatch cards or online/printed images. Punctures, cuts or exposure to the elements such as moisture, freezing, or color fading due to overexposure to direct sunlight on leather or fabric. Leather that has been exposed to chemical cleaners or conditioners.
24 Hour Use Limited Warranty:
Lifetime limited warranty does not apply in 24 hour applications.
Lifeform® guarantees to the original purchaser that products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. Coverings are not covered by limited warranty.
Customers are responsible for transportation costs to and from the dealer or Lifeform®. The limited warranty covers parts only and is not transferable. Limited warranty shall become void if chair is subjected to abuse, misuse, alteration or negligence.
This chair is made to order. Please allow 3-6 weeks for manufacturing and shipping.
Lifeform High Back Executive Office Chair is rated 4.5 out of 5 by 15.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Life Saver I have owned one since 2008. In 2010 My L1 thru L4 went out and i couldnt walk for 3 weeks. This was the only chair I could sit in and actually slept in for 3 month because of said back. I am looking to buy another. Back in 2014 the main frame welds snapped and the entire back broke off, Which honestly isnt the chair or manufactures fault. You have to figure i sat in this chair 12-18hrs a day for almost a full year and regually 8hrs a day at least, it when through 4 big moves and it is Heavy.. I still have (in pieces) and may have a wielder fix and renforce the snapped wield (broke at the edge of weld). I miss that chair and now looking to buy again.
Date published: 2016-08-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from The Best! Long story short...have terrible back pain for many years. Sitting is the worst for me. I tried EVERY chair out there. Wanted a Herman Miller sooo bad till i sat in it...Horrible. Went to Relax The Back and as soon as my a$$ hit the seat I was in love. Ordered the high back, wide saddle w memory foam in black cloth. I have used this chair every day for about 4 years now. It is as good as the day I got it. It has literally saved my life as I could not work. Don't let the price scare you...if you have the money, you cant get a better chair. To this day I still try every chair I come across and none are even close.
Date published: 2012-12-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Chair I purchased this chair with headrest in 2007 to relieve the stress / pain on my back and neck related to an earlier auto accident. The local Relax the Back store delivered it and set up the adjustments to best support my upper back and neck. This chair has continued to this day to support my back and relieve most of the pain I was experiencing. The lift mechanism began to leak (chair would lower) and when I phoned in and spoke with Crystal she was very helpful and sent out a replacement lift at no charge. Great chair and great service, it doesn't get any better.
Date published: 2011-12-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from There is no better chair... I purchased this chair with a few upgrades about five years ago. I sit at a desk for a minimum of 10 hours a day and this chair has consistently provided the correct support and comfort to get me through the long days. When my gas lift gave out earlier this week, I called RTB and was informed that the lift had a lifetime warranty - they're shipping a replacement part to me at NO expense! If my local store was still in business, they'd install it for free... If you sit for long periods of time, you need this chair!
Date published: 2011-08-10
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Comfortable but delicate. Had this chair for a few months with mild use and some of the color on the chair has faded and some of the stitching has ripped. It is still very comfortable to sit on but I can't help but be disappointed that the chair is falling apart after such a short time.
Date published: 2012-12-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from The best I actually wouldn't have bought this if it wasn't for the experience I had at the local store and the way they customized all of the colors for me. I am in love with this chair. I have had chronic back pain since I was 12 years old and this is really a godsend for me. I highly recommend the core flex seat upgrade. It really gets movement where I need it. Sometimes it will even pop my back just from moving my legs up and down. I can't imagine a chair better than this unless it was custom made to fit my exact body shape. IT adjusts a lot though so it's probably not much worse than that. The only feedback I have is I received no manual with it when they delivered it (I called them and they did email me one) and that's about it. I can't think of any other issues with it. You will get your money's worth with this chair.
Date published: 2013-05-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Lifeform Ultimate A high quality chair,a must to have for a bad back. The adjustments are far superior to any office chair I have ever owned. I highly advise using this chair to anyone with a bad back. I use this at home and just love to sit in it and relax.When using the computer it makes life easier.
Date published: 2012-03-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A comfortable 1 year so far I've been sitting in this chair essentially 40 hours a week for the past year, sometimes going 8 hours straight in it. I have to be honest, I've never sat in a chair I could stand to be seated in for 8 solid hours without discomfort being the reminder I need to get up and walk around. It's that comfortable of a chair. If I could give the Quality 4.5 stars, I would, only because I'm disappointed in the stitching of the product. I should preface this by stating I owned an upholstery shop in the past, so I know I little about stitching. The Brisa simulated leather (free upgrade a year ago, still a free upgrade today) is soft yet far more durable than I imagined it would be. Brisa is a somewhat high end fabric frequently used on nicer office furniture and marine interior seating by luxury boat builders. I've personally never owned anything long term that used this fabric so I was skeptical, but a free upgrade sounded like a good reason to give it a chance and I'm glad I did. I am disappointed with the stitching on the arm rests though. While double stitched for strength, the layout of the fabric and decision of where to put the stitching chosen puts the primary stitching (most pressure on this seam) at a terrible place as the threads are exposed on the corner of the cushion. As a result, one year later I can see things starting to fray where my elbows and forearms rub at it constantly throughout the day. If I had to make a prediction, I'd say in another 3-4 years the fabric on these arm rests will need replaced as the seam will eventually tear due to the location of the seam putting too much pressure on the fabric in this fashion. I strongly suspect that the chair will last 5 years before that day will come, but if the chair is still as comfortable after 5 years as I find it to be after 1, I wouldn't complain about having to redo the arms of the chair when they wear out, hopefully many years down the road. If someone were to come into my shop and ask me to recover these arms, I'd likely be able to do both for $200 if they wanted them redone in the original (and expensive) Brisa fabric which runs around $70 a yard. The only other design flaw in my opinion is the fact that the arm rest pads are not fixed in one position regarding which way they point. Basically they can be moved to swing in towards your midsection while typing or away so when you stand up your hips don't drag going through the narrower opening that creates. The height adjustment can of course be fixed to many different heights, but the arms themselves twist side to side. It's nice to be able to angle them in for maximum support when typing, or point them straight ahead during a meeting where you are just resting your arms straight in front of you, but it seems like they're never where you want them to be when typing since when you move in the chair they typically move themselves randomly with you. I bet I adjust the direction these are pointed between 30-40 times a day and its second nature now so it's hardly annoying, but I would prefer having the option to lock them in one position for a length of time or at least adjust the tension so you could control how much pressure it takes for them to move in / out. Having taken them apart already to see what could be done, I can confirm they're not adjustable in any manner. The foam in the chair is very high quality in addition to being extremely comfortable. This chair is in a home office, and honestly is the most comfortable seat in my home. Given that my 220 lbs. is seated in it 40-50 hours a week, I'm impressed with the foam not degrading at all over the first year of ownership. As the owner of an upholstery shop, I'm rather critical of my furnishings and the materials / craftsmanship of what I purchase, but I would recommend this product. Even if the armrests eventually burst at the seams in another 2-3 years, any decent upholsterer with a conscious shouldn't charge more than $150 to recover both pieces with the original (expensive) fabric to get you another handful of years. Patience is key when purchasing these chairs however, I was a little disappointed with the level of communication from the Pittsburgh location as it took well over 3 weeks for the two chairs we purchased to come in. While it was a painful wait, literally because of our worn out old chairs, it's been one of the best purchases I've made in my opinion.
Date published: 2013-01-15
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