A Good Night's Rest Necessary for Good Health

La Palma, CA (PRWEB) August 18, 2010


According to Sleep Med Inc., more than 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. As public concern rises over workplace injuries, “drowsy” driving accidents, physical and mental health problems and loss of productivity, getting a good night’s rest has never been more important. 


Scientific studies continue to reveal the importance of restorative sleep to overall health and particularly spinal health. The spine supports the body’s vital functions and requires proper rest to maintain optimal health. In order to do that, you must have a sleep surface that supports the spine in neutral posture to allow your muscles to relax, making sleep more beneficial.


Tempur-Pedic's newest mattress may be able to help the large number of Americans not getting enough sleep. The maker of America’s most recommended mattresses have just introduced The TEMPUR-Cloud™ Luxe, the most luxurious mattress in their new TEMPUR-Cloud Collection. Designed for the half of U.S. consumers who prefer a softer feeling mattress, the TEMPUR-Cloud Collection, featuring TEMPUR-ES™, was introduced to complement the company's TEMPUR®and TEMPUR-HD® collections. Together, these three collections provide a Tempur-Pedic® solution for every sleep preference.


The TEMPUR-Cloud™ Luxe is now available to try at Relax The Back® stores nationwide. “We are excited to introduce this newest addition to our Tempur-Pedic line-up,” said J.D. Nespoli, Vice President of Merchandising, Relax The Back. “Tempur-Pedic mattresses have always been a significant part of the Relax The Back product mix and allow us to provide our clients with mattresses, pillows and adjustable bases that support our mission of providing quality product solutions to relieve and prevent back and neck pain.”


“The TEMPUR-Cloud™ Luxe combines the softness that many of our clients have been seeking with Tempur-Pedic's famous pressure-relieving support,” said Richard Palfreyman, CEO, Relax The Back. “This new collection allows us to satisfy a broader customer base.”



New TEMPUR-Cloud(TM) Luxe mattress from Tempur-Pedic.