Zero Gravity Chairs & Recliners

Want a recliner that reduces the stress on your spine? You can, with a zero gravity chair from Relax The Back. The zero gravity reclining chair is a concept developed by NASA to take the stress off your spine by elevating you to a "zero gravity" position. Zero gravity chairs elevate your feet to the same level as your heart, minimizing the strain of gravity on your vertebrae, relieving the discomfort of back pain. Zero gravity chairs and recliners have the added benefit of improving circulation, so your heart can work less and you can relax more. 

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In addition, all positions, from upright to full recline, are supported, with a locking mechanism, so you can find your perfect position. Don't let tension, fatigue and back pain continue to bring you down; browse our wide selection of zero gravity chairs to help get back to a pain-free life.

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  1. Human Touch Perfect Chair

    Human Touch Perfect Chair


    Instant $500 savings on Premium Leather Perfect Chairs. Savings already reflected originally $2,499. Offer ends 9/30/15.

    The Human Touch Perfect Chair PC410 is a customer favorite. This zero gravity chair comes with lumbar support and has a smooth-gliding manual recline motion to ease you into the physician-recommended position seating position. The Human Touch PC 410 Perfect Chair can also be customized to better fit your needs with a cervical pillow, and for taller frames, and extending footrest upgrade. Learn More
  2. The Novus Zero Gravity Recliner by Relax The Back

    The Novus Zero Gravity Recliner by Relax The Back


    The Novus Zero Gravity Recliner is one of Relax The Back®'s most popular products, and it's easy to see why: this is not your average Zero Gravity Chair. With a unique, dual pivot mechanism, The Novus Zero Gravity Recliner allows you to recline to any position with minimal effort. So sit back as your muscles, joints and spine recover from the effects of gravity. Learn More
  3. Front with lift

    The Cambridge Lift Chair by Relax The Back


    The Cambridge Recliner Lift Chair is a unique design in lift chairs. Beautifully designed, this recliner lift chair features a memory foam seat cusion and an ergonomic neck pillow for maximum support. In the zero gravity position, muscle tension is soothed, pressure on the spine is relieved and fatigue is counteracted all while you recline in complete comfort with the Cambridge Recliner Lift Chair. Learn More
  4. Marseilles Zero Gravity Recliner by Relax The Back

    Marseilles Zero Gravity Recliner by Relax The Back


    The Marseilles Zero Gravity Recliner is a vintage style chair that will provide true comfort. The design of the chair supports good posture, allowing circulation to flow freely.

    With its mustache-back silhouette, rich leather and overstuffed roll arms, the Marseilles Zero Gravity Recliner recalls the vintage deco club chairs of the 1930s. The solid steel frame and seat-box construction assure lasting durability. Shown in Walnut (discontinued). Learn More
  5. Avon Zero Gravity Recliner by Relax The Back

    Avon Zero Gravity Recliner by Relax The Back


    Relax in plush, stylish comfort in the Avon Zero Gravity Recliner.

    Experience the ultra-high powered recline of the Avon Zero Gravity Recliner for an incredibly smooth transition to the beneficial Zero Gravity position. Extra weight capacity assures a stable, enjoyable total-relaxation experience, regardless of body type. The Avon Zero Gravity recliner features a roomy overstuffed design that incorporates temperature sensitive memory foam, making it the the ultimate stress-relieving, self-contouring Learn More
  6. Duke Recliner by Positive Posture

    Duke Recliner by Positive Posture


    Relieve pressure on your spine and lower back muscles as you relax in zero gravity with the Duke Recliner by Positive Posture.

    Easily recline and adjust support and position at the touch of a button. The Duke Recliner also features an articulating headrest with a footrest that fully retracts. Customers will enjoy the effortless, high-tech control and comfort of this beautifully and meticulously assembled recliner. The Duke Recliner perfectly marries old world charm and modern day innovation and is the perfect addition to homes of all design aesthetics. Learn More

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