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The Theracane uses two strategically placed projections and six treatment balls to help relieve pain. By using a gentle massaging motion, you can melt away knots in your back.


The Theracane is a handheld, self-massager that provides temporary relief from muscular tension, stiffness, tenderness and soreness. The Theracane makes it easy to get to hard-to-reach spots, increasing circulation and soothing away stress and knots in your back.

Ideal for people recovering from muscle surgeries or chronic, nagging injuries from the past, the Theracane uses strategically placed projections and treatment balls to relieve pain. Its ability to sooth muscle stiffness and relieve pain has made the Theracane one of Relax The Back's most popular products.

Made of lightweight, durable fiberglass.
Made of lightweight, durable fiberglass.
Weighs 1 lb. 8 oz.

Customer Reviews

Worth Every Penny Review by SpamIsNotHam:

on 12/28/14

This came highly recommended to me by my massage therapist (Toni-Ann Accardi - Therapeutic Touch Massage & Bodywork - East Rutherford, NJ). It provides all it promises and more. This is the perfect tool to help yourself between professional massages. NOTE: Drink plenty of water after any massage work to flush the released toxins from your body. I can't stress this enough.

Excellent product! Review by Dusty O'Lara:

on 7/12/12

This by far is the best thing I've received as a gift in years! I got this 5 years ago and I use it whenever I have any muscle pain, and it always does the trick! Many, many ways to massage all muscles without having go to a massage therapist. Recommend to everyone!

Excellent massage tool Review by vjmyers:

on 6/19/12

Have used this for years and it is wonderful. Allows you to massage those "knots" in your back, calm down your pressure points and stop muscle spasms. I use mine regularly and found it to be the best solution for helping my back -- good ole fashion low-tech, high results product.

Great stuff for your back! Review by mmarie:

on 5/6/12

I am just in my early 30's and have 3 kids and I'm always so busy that my back always hurts. I finally went in the store with my husband and we both tried the Theracane and ended up buying it. This really helps relieve the back pain and I've had sciatic problems also. This hits every area on my back . I do get massages but once a month is just not enough. This really works and is worth it. Hits the spot everytime!


on 11/18/11

Have used this product for years. It was given to me as a gift and was the best gift EVER. It goes where I go and stays right on the foot of my bed. Often find myself unable to relieve the pain in my shoulders and this TheraCane works wonderful!!. I have had many people who visit me want to take it home once they try it. JUST THE BEST thing I own!!! LIFESAVER is a great word for how it helps me out. THANKS for giving us this product I agree that everyone should own and try it out for themselves!!!! They won't be sorry!!

got me back in the game Review by Emily:

on 7/1/11

such a great product. i use mine everyday at work. Love it so much I bought these for my relatives last year at the Store in San Jose CA. They even wrapped them for me! such a great store and everyone should own this product!!!

GREAT Product!!!!! Review by William:

on 5/5/11

I have purchased nearly every product offered in stores and the internet for my neck and back pain. The Theracane is among the simplest and lowest solutions you can buy --- But unlike 95% of the "solutions" out there, this one actually works.

If you are looking for help for just about any muscle tension, this product will is definitely worth the money.

Hope this helps.

Love it Review by Steve:

on 12/12/10

Works like a charm on knotted back and shoulder muscles.

love it Review by lolo:

on 7/29/10

This feels so good i love it it is great

Best Therapy Available Review by Chronic Pain Patient:

on 7/24/10

I am 32 and have terrible Fibromyalgia. I have been though Physical therapy for years, several different chiropractors, I get deep tissue massages on a regular basis (and I'm not wealthy, I just have to or I cannot function) and after years of no sign of change admitted to the hospital for intense therapy and strong medication. In the hospital one of the patients had a Theracane. She allowed me to test it out and I was instantly hooked (no pun intended). I felt the knots loosening up and the endorphins flowing. So when I was released from the hospital the first thing I did (before I even went home) was went to find the Theracane. I used it in the car on the ride home. Now there are rules and you have to follow them! You can't put it against your spine or sciatic as this could cause permanent damage (but that's the case with massage thing, they just don't have to make a big deal about it because they don't get as deep). Those are the main rules, but based on my personal knowledge of physical therapy and use of the Theracane I would also recommend being careful how long you use it in one spot. It can feel so amazing in that spot that you don't wan to take it off, or you want to just dig deeper. But if you do you could actually strip your muscle, which would really hurt. Just knead the muscle with the cane, that's what it's there to do. Also, it's releasing toxins into your body (this is VERY good thing) These toxins are what was holding that knot together, so even though you've got the toxins issue- you've gotten rid of the knot. BUT the only way to get rid of the other stuff is with water. SO you have to drink a LOT of water. A full 12oz for every one you get out (if not more). I know it seems like a lot, but trust me I have on more than one occasion gotten sicker than a dog after a massage because I didn't drink enough water. As for HOW to use the cane, it does come with a VERY useful booklet with pictures. All of which are amazing, but I was able to come up with a few of my own and so will you. It's so easy to use. I just recommend you go with the handbook first and take your time with it. I figured it out right away, but it took my husband about 5 times (now he loves it). Ok, so basically if you are in need of therapy for pain- you need this product. If you just want a massage tool- you need this product. I swear I'm not a sales person (I do work retail, but it's for a clothing store) and I'm not just saying all this to jack up the points, it's outstanding!

Awesome! Review by pjsprog:

on 5/15/10

I first used one of these years ago when I found it laying around during a session in a recording studio in St. Louis. This is one of those inventions that combines simplicity with brilliance. Everyone should own one.