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Technogel Pillows

SKU# TG4014

Visit a Relax The Back Store for your personal pillow fitting.

The Technogel Pillow features a cool gel layer that distributes the weight of your head and neck for consistent ergonomic support and comfort. The gel pillow layer also disperses your body heat, offering a cool refreshing feel for a perfect night's sleep.

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The Technogel Pillow features an innovative "soft solid" material, combining the durability of a solid and the adaptability of a liquid. Sleep more comfortably with the cooling sensation of thermal regulation for unmatched pressure relief. The perfect balance of support and comfort will redefine your idea of restful sleep.

Key Features Include:
  • 0.4" Technogel layer
  • Memory foam base
  • Seweed cotton protection cover
  • Washable winter cover
  • Anatomic shape, 4-5" thickness
  • Technogel support
  • Pressure relieving
  • Ergonomic support
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Love this pillow Review by John:

    on 7/8/15

    This is my favorite contour pillow I have ever had. Gives me the support I need, it is not as firm and stays cool.

    Too bad :( Review by Sore neck:

    on 7/5/15

    I'm so sorry about your neck pains. They should take the pillows back when you have such pain. Luckily I called first, and I follow reviews. There are many stores that do let you return them. Years ago Brookstone had Relax's pillow and gave you three months to try it out! I have a pillow collection from companies not taking them back. Please, do your homework now folks! Good luck.

    Very comfortable & just the right support! Review by D Lee:

    on 6/23/15

    I have tried about 20 different pillows. I finally found my favorite pillow. It was expensive but I would not trade now that I have it!

    Awesome product Review by Ms:

    on 4/20/15

    I have degenerative disk disease and am a side sleeper. Before this pillow I woke up every couple hours at night with pain in my neck and showers, This pillow is awesome and allows me to sleep on my side and back with none to very minimal pain. I don't wake up in the am with a stiff neck anymore.

    Caused Shoulder Pain Review by cockermom:

    on 2/26/15

    I paid nearly $200 for this pillow because I thought it would be better than any other pillow -- at that price, it should be -- but after sleeping on it the first night, I developed pain on the right side of my upper back. After the second night, the pain migrated a tad higher to my shoulder blade. This pillow is supposed to alleviate pain not cause it. If it was cheap it wouldn't be a big deal but for $180, that's not acceptable and unfortunately they don't accept returns on pillows.

    Not going to recommend Review by neck pain:

    on 1/29/15

    I bought the pillow to help alleviate the neck pain I have from stress & posture. It relieved my neck pain, but after 2 weeks I developed this excruciating pain along the right side of my back. I had to go to the MD. I told her I wasn't sure what I did b/c I hand't changed my activities. Afterwards, I realized it was the pillow. I went back to sleeping on my flat pillow. Maybe my body is just weird, but just thought I'd let you guys know, in case this happens to someone else.

    Great pillow - wish it lasted longer Review by Texas Gal:

    on 10/9/14

    Bought this pillow about 18 months ago. Best sleep I have ever had. I have serious neck problems and require a firm but comfortable curve and support in the neck area of my pillow. Just recently I'm not getting the support I first got with the pillow and am having neck pain again. Love the pillow but purchase knowing it may not last you more than 2 years worth of use.

    Best Pillow Review by Nancy:

    on 2/12/14

    I purchased the deluxe style technogel pillow yesterday from Relax the Back store. I was skeptical because you can't return them if they don't work. This is the second most expensive pillow I have ever purchased. The comfort of this pillow was fabulous. My neck and shoulder went away the very next day. I truly just sunk into it and slept so good. The other nice thing is the coolness of the pillow. This pillow was truly worth it's price.

    most preferred pillow Review by Dan:

    on 5/26/13

    people love this pillow after only 2 nights of sleep.

    Best Pillow I've Ever Had Review by Mary:

    on 11/23/12

    Bought the Anatomic model. The pillow is unlike any other I've seen. Most memory foam pillows are very hard, this pillow has softer but supportive memory foam and a layer of gel that has a nice cool feeling on my neck and helps me get to sleep quicker. The Anatomic has two sides - one smaller for when I sleep on my back - and one higher for when I am on my side. I love it. They cost the same as other memory foam pillows, so it's like getting the gel for free!

    Best nights sleep in a long time! Review by Bev:

    on 8/8/12

    Love, love , love this pillow. I have neck and back problems so a good nights sleep is hard to come by. Have tried many other pillows but with poor results. The coolness is wonderful and contrary to the other review, it does last! It is just a great bonus! I have been using this pillow for a week and I have slept well each night. I don't toss and turn. It seems that I wake in the same position I was in when I fell asleep. Thank you Kathleen for your knowledge and assistance!