Spine Strain and Sprain

Spinal Sprain & Strain

Although they sound similar, strains and sprains are not the same thing. A strain occurs when a tendon or muscle is injured. A sprain is what happens when a ligament - the fibrous material that connects bones to other bones - becomes torn, frayed, or otherwise injured.

These types of injuries are very common, but when they occur to the neck or spine, they can be extremely painful. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, jaw pain, stiffness, and pain radiating to the shoulders, upper back, and arms.

These types of injury rarely require surgery, often responding well to non-surgical care. Below are some products that can help if you have a spinal strain or sprain.


How We Can Help

Spinal strain & sprain can be remedies quite easily with good posture, and correct spinal alignment. We offer many products to help relieve the pain you may feel in the upper to lower back. Try zero gravity recliners, neck supports for intermediate relief through out the day and postural supports when at work or driving home.


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