Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is the body's switchboard, sending important signals from the brain to our muscles. When an injury occurs to the spinal cord, it can disrupt a multitude of functions. Most spinal cord injuries are caused by vehicular accidents, falls, gunshots, and diving accidents, as well as disease (polio, spina bifida).

Some common ailments people with spinal cord injury experience include deep vein thrombosis, low blood pressure, and bed sores. Memory-foam products and leg-elevating wedges are particularly good for treating these ailments.


How We Can Help

Deep vein thrombosis - When the legs are immobilized, the risk of blood clots increases. Consider leg wedges, adjustable bed bases, and zero gravity chairs to elevate the legs and imrpove circulation. Massage products should never be used.

Low blood pressure - Because blood may pool in the legs, pressure can suddenly drop during movement from sitting to lying position. Again, consider leg elevation prodcuts for enhanced circulation.

Decubitus ulcers - Bed sores can develop on areas subjected to pressure for long periods. Memory foam products can help prevent these sores in many cases.


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