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PureFit Mattress


The Purefit Mattress contours to the body, keeps the body in neutral position, and relieves pressure.
$649.00 to $2,947.00

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SAVE up to $1,346 on PureFit Mattresses during our Closeout Sale
Discount already applied. Example savings based on King model discount. Pricing varies depending on model. Limited quantity available.

  • Twin - Reg $1,695 | SALE $649
  • CA King - Reg $2,695 | SALE $1,349

  • The core of this mattress features a patented Neutral Posture Support System and is built upon a 7-zone construction; each zone features varied density levels engineered into the foam that contour to the natural shape of the body, providing extra lumbar support, which relieves pressure and stress on the muscles in the back.

    The makers of the PureFit Mattress have engineered a foam production process that renders an extremely “open cell” foam that actually dissipates heat 9 times faster than other memory foams. This foam, made in Southern California, is created in a vacuum of sorts that allow for the foam to be produced under pressure, and the cells therefore to remain extremely “open”, yet still yield a durable, resilient material.

    Under these conditions, emissions are captured and not released into the environment. Because a substantial portion of the foam is made with a 100% natural petroleum substitute (plant based) as opposed to petro chemicals, this patented technology is called "EcoMemoryFoam” and is therefore environmentally friendly.

    This foam is not temperature sensitive. Other memory foams will become firmer or softer with the slightest temperature change. However, this EcoMemoryFoam stays virtually temperature neutral; the foam is instantly comfortable with no break in period necessary.

    This mattress features a pale green microfiber box edge treatment under a blended green silk cording, with a bamboo fabric ticking rolled over the natural edge of the mattress above, for a softer feel.

    This system was designed for healthcare mattresses and has been successfully used for over 20 years in the medical arena.

    The PureFit allows you to maintain the same natural spinal alignment that you have when standing. When your body is allowed to rest in its natural position, muscles are relaxed and sleep is more refreshing.
    The mattress dissipates heat 9 times faster and the foam is not temperature sensitive.
    Comes with a bamboo mattress cover; green process product, Eco Memory Foam.

    Customer Reviews

    Breaks down quickly Review by Larry:

    on 6/5/13

    We purchased this mattress 3 years ago from Relax-the-Back and is initially seemed very good. After the first year we noticed that soft wells were being created in the positions where our bodies put the most pressure on the mattress. Now those areas seem very broken down and both my wife and I wake up every morning with backaches.

    Not as soft as the one in the store Review by TG:

    on 12/6/12

    Desperate for a comfortable mattress, I shopped all over in stores and online, doing a lot of research. Eventually I ended up at the Relax The Back store in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The manager there was very nice and very helpful. I chose the pure-fit mattress because I wanted a foam mattress that was eco-friendly. I lay on the one in the store for a long time to be sure it was comfortable. I preferred the softer pure-fit to the firmer pure-relax. Unfortunately, the mattress delivered to our home is just as firm as the pure-relax - not soft like the pure-fit in the store. I double-checked the label on the mattress to be sure we did not receive the wrong one - we didn't. After a few weeks I visited the store again to double check the comfort of my mattress to the one on the store. The pure-fit in the store felt wonderful - not the one at home. It's been several months now as I was hoping it would eventually "break in" and feel like the one in the store, but no luck. This was very expensive, and I am so disappointed that I am still tossing and turning in bed every night. My shoulders are particularly uncomfortable, and I am now in physical therapy for them. Perhaps I'll try to see if the store manager would accomodate a trade of some kind....I would still like a pure-fit mattress that feels like the one in the store!

    Wish we bought this sooner Review by Karobu:

    on 1/18/12

    This is an unbelievably comfortable mattress. Not too soft, not too firm, just right. We bought the adjustable base as well and are very happy we did! Before going to sleep, we read or watch TV sitting in bed and at night we sleep with our heads just slightly elevated and it is really comfortable. Can't believe we slept on a flat mattress till now.

    The "terribly bad" nights (and mornings) are gone! Review by The Princess and the Pea:

    on 8/18/11

    If you are looking for a pillow-soft mattress to sink into, this one isn't for you.

    It is, however, at once supporting and comforting. Pressure points are gone and there is excellent hip/back/shoulder support.

    We purchased ours on August 1, 17 days ago, and my mid/upper back pain is gone!!! I was getting up every morning (7 months) with pain so bad that I needed strong pain meds and muscle relaxants. At one point, I even had to have an injection of cortisone into my back.

    I am so grateful and happy that this condition was relieved by the purchase of this mattress.

    Previously we owned a top-of-the-line pillow top innerspring mattress. It had begun to sag just a little after the warranty expired.

    My Tempurpedic Neck Pillow works well with this mattress since it is the same type of concept.

    Spend the extra bucks and get the waterproof mattress pad, too, to protect your sleep investment from any type of moisture.

    My back pain is gone and I can't feel the pain anymore either. :)

    Just ok. Review by Not a fan:

    on 6/12/11

    We were disappointed with this mattress. I did a lot of research and couldn't find much information about this company or mattress, but liked the idea of the eco-friencly manufacturing and the give-back of the donation program. However, the mattress just wasn't that impressive for the price. We ended up exchanging it for a Tempur-pedic Cloud.

    Wonderful Review by Pure Fit Lover:

    on 2/2/11

    I have been sleeping on this Pure Fit Mattress from Relax The Back for one whole month now, and I have to say "it is the best mattress I have ever slept on". The first day after sleeping on it, I did not get out of bed, stiff nor in pain, like I have for many years. It is not too soft nor too firm. It has truly helped my life. And now getting quality rest.
    I would recommend it to anyone that has stiffness in their muscles, and someone who gets out of bed in the morning with pain.

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