Seat and Chair Cushions

Chair and seat cushions can make a huge difference for your back comfort, whether you're on a long road trip or sitting at your desk working. Go anywhere, do anything and sit in complete comfort with chair cushions from Relax The Back.

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Many vehicles, luxury automobiles included, make it difficult to maintain good body posture so it's very important to have the correct support for drives, from work to errands to vacations. Seat cushions provide the extra support your back needs to stay healthy and pain-free, on all your drives, short or long. In addition to additional back support in your car, chair cushions can also reduce upper and lower back pain while supporting your lumbar at work or during your leisure activities.

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  1. The SeatCushion by Tempur-Pedic

    The SeatCushion by Tempur-Pedic


    The SeatCushion by Tempur-Pedicâ„¢ absorbs and distributes your weight evenly over its contoured surface enabling you to sit comfortably for extended periods of time. Learn More
  2. McCarty's Wedge-Ease Seat Cushion

    McCarty's Wedge-Ease Seat Cushion


    McCarty's Wedge Ease Seat Cushion can reduce spinal disc pressure while helping your lower body promote a healthier sitting position. This memory foam seat wedge conforms to your body and comes with a removable coccyx insert for sensitive tailbones. For premium sitting support wherever you go, McCarty's Wedge Ease Seat Cushion is an easy, portable solution that can bring you immediate relief. Learn More
  3. Gel Seat Cushion

    Gel Seat Cushion


    The Portable Gel Seat Cushion provides a soft, supportive layer between you and any hard seating surface. The portable seat cushion has a memory foam base which spreads your weight evenly while relieving stress in your spine and backside. In addition, this cushion was intelligently designed with a center grove which elevates the tailbone. This eliminates actual surface contact with your tailbone which reduces spine pressure. This product features an ergonomic design that guides your lumbar curvature while you're seated so you don't experience fatigue or discomfort. The Portable Gel Seat Cushion is perfect for travel or any situation where you need additional seating support. This product is also known as the Gel Seat Cushion. Learn More
  4. ContourSit Car Cushion by Relax The Back

    ContourSit Car Cushion by Relax The Back


    The ContourSit Ergonomic Car Seat Cushion by Relax The Back offers support for drivers with long daily commutes. The ContourSit cushion is medically constructed to guide your pelvis into a more natural angle without compromising your natural spinal curve. This design also features a rear cutout which gives additional relief to your tailbone by eliminating all contact. The ergonomic seat cushion is perfect for your commute, office, or any seating surface that needs more support and comfort. The ContourSit Ergonomic Car Seat Cushion comes in both regular or firm density. This product is also known as the ContourSit Car Cushion by Relax The Back. Learn More
  5. FitBALL Seating Disc

    FitBALL Seating Disc


    The FitBall Seating Disc allows you to stay fit while sitting. This seating cushion eases back pain while also strengthening your core muscles, exercising your legs, and improving your posture. Not only is this air-filled disc comfortable to sit on, but it also stabilizes and rehabilitates weak and sore muscles. Don't let your desk job get in the way of staying healthy and in-shape. Use the FitBall Seating Disc to strengthen your back muscles, fight back injury, and stay active during working hours. Learn More
  6. Seat Pad fully covered

    Technogel Living Supports


    Enjoy superior back and seating support at work, home or on the road with the Technogel Living Supports. Learn More
  7. ContourSit Wedge by Relax The Back

    ContourSit Wedge by Relax The Back


    The ContourSit Wedge Cushion is ergonomically designed to improve pelvic and hip alignment. Constructed with memory foam material, this wedge cushion preserves the natural curve of your back so you sit in a more natural position. This temperature-sensitive wedge cushion is ideal for your home, office, or even car. The ContourSit Wedge Cushion also includes a removable velour cover and a removable coccyx cutout to reduce pressure on inflamed or sensitive tailbones. This product is also known as the ContourSit Wedge by Relax The Back. Learn More
  8. Slate

    Self-Inflating Active Seating Disc


    The Self-Inflating Active Seat Cushion keeps your body active and engages core muscles while you sit. By keeping this inflatable cushion atop your chair, your body works to keep balanced. As your body does this, your core is staying active instead of going dormant. This prevents your metabolism from slowing down, reduces back pain, and fights the normal unhealthy risks of working a desk job. This seat cushion is easily to inflate, store, or carry. Don't let the health risks of desk jobs be a reality for you. Defeat these dangers with the Self-Inflating Active Seat Cushion. This product is also known as the Self-Inflating Active Seating Disc. Learn More
  9. SambaRX Seat Support

    SambaRX Seat Support


    The adjustable SambaRX Seat Support revitalizes your back, improves posture, provides pressure point relief, and engages your core muscles to keep your lower body active. This seat support cushion accomplishes all these things with a built-in posture wedge, which guides your position to an upright form. In addition, this ergonomic support has a built-in coccyx cushion and prostate cushion if you require additional tailbone support. With easy adjustment options and easy portability, the SambaRX Seat Support is an all-in-one solution for those seeking better sitting posture, back pain relief, and core engagement. Learn More

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