Seat and Chair Cushions

Chair and seat cushions can make a huge difference for your back comfort, whether you're on a long road trip or sitting at your desk working. Go anywhere, do anything and sit in complete comfort with chair cushions from Relax The Back.

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Many vehicles, luxury automobiles included, make it difficult to maintain good body posture so it's very important to have the correct support for drives, from work to errands to vacations. Seat cushions provide the extra support your back needs to stay healthy and pain-free, on all your drives, short or long. In addition to additional back support in your car, chair cushions can also reduce upper and lower back pain while supporting your lumbar at work or during your leisure activities.

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  1. McCarty's Premium Sacro Ease w/ Wedge Seat

    McCarty's Premium Sacro Ease w/ Wedge Seat


    The Premium Sacro Ease now comes with a wedge in the seat to elevate your hips to get you out of the hole in your seat. Learn More
  2. Gel Seat Cushion

    Gel Seat Cushion


    Take the portable G Seat with you wherever you go, and put comfort and pressure-relieving support between you and any hard seating surface. Learn More
  3. BetterBack Seat Support

    BetterBack Seat Support


    With the help of doctors and the medical profession, the BetterBackĀ® is widely recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists, doctors, and thousands of satisfied users. Learn More

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