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ContourSleep Side Sleeper Bed Wedge

ContourSleep Side Sleeper Bed Wedge

Product Review (submitted on February 4, 2012):

As others have noted, I bought the Side Sleeper Wedge with the hopes I could get my heartburn/reflux under control. I did not like taking Prilosec on a regular basis and wanted to get off it as it's meant as short term therapy not long term.

The wedge has paid for itself many times over in terms of the money I would have spent on heartburn/reflux medications. And I find the wedge comfortable, both as a side and back sleeper. I have been sleeping on the same wedge for about two years now. It is starting to show some wear (slight indentations on the thin part of the wedge) but it is not interfering with my sleep.

High density foam (what the wedge is made out of) tends to be a bit on the warm/hot side. We have a ceiling fan which helps with any heat up I experience.

The cover is removable and washes nicely. I was concerned about getting the cover back on the wedge after washing but it went on easily. I would buy a cotton pillow case if they made one to fit the wedge but they don't.

Finding a pillow that works perfectly with the wedge can be a challenge. I would like to find the "small cervical neck pillow" but it's not showing up on their site. I use a down alternative that's fairly mushy.

Sometimes I find that I slide down the wedge during the night but I think this is unavoidable, a side effect of gravity. When we had our bed propped up on bricks the sliding down phenomena was far worse.

In summary:
Pros-comfortable, reasonably priced, graduated longer length that fits body, removable washable cover, helps control reflux, less sliding than propping bed up, good for side & back sleepers

Cons-runs warm, no fitted pillow case available, some sliding, challenge finding neck pillow that goes with wedge