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TEMPUR-Side Pillow

TEMPUR-Side Pillow

Product Review (submitted on May 24, 2011):

Ah, the SidePillow. I spent lots of time and money trying to find the right pillow, and I've heard a LOT of people say the same thing. THIS is MY pillow. I can definitely see where it's not perfect for everyone, but the key for me was finding a place to try pillows out. I found Relax the Back online and saw they had a local store that carried pillows to try. The heavens opened and choirs sang Hallelujah. I was thrilled to hear of their "loaner program" that allowed customers to actually take pillows home to try them. This is revolutionary. I spent 2 hours in the store trying to decide which one to take home. I experimented with each pillow for at least 10-15 minutes, laying in different positions, with different heights, etc. After laying on the SidePillow for about 10 minutes, the Tempur-Pedic "cells" began opening, and its firmness changed to sheer comfort (for me).

I still maintain that there is no ONE pillow that will work for EVERY person. To read reviews that say "Do NOT buy this pillow" and similar sentiments steer people away from something that might just work for them. My advice is to find a place where you can either lay down on pillows to try them out and/or find somewhere that is willing to try a "loaner program" where you use the floor model for several nights.