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Human Touch Power Silhouette Perfect Chair

Human Touch Power Silhouette Perfect Chair

Product Review (submitted on February 17, 2014):

I bought this chair due to a recent "protruding disc" in my L2/L3. I have never had back issues before so this whole experience is new to me. I couldn't find a chair that I could sit in comfortably for more than 5-10 minutes other than a "zero-gravity" lawn chair I bought on Amazon a year or so ago for about $75. Given that this issue for me is likely caused by extensive sitting in improperly designed chairs, my wife urged me to invest in something more permanent than a lawn chair for our living room (understandably).

After reading the reviews on this chair on many different sites, I bought it with most all of the options, which boosted the price to a very high level (from an already high level). I didn't want to regret some comfort features and convenience features so I kind of maxed it out. Some were good, some not so.

First, I am 5'6" 175lbs so I'm of a medium to large athletic build, but short. I ordered the 500 rather than the 510 because it appeared to be for "smaller" frames. I have no reason to believe this not to be the case, and the 500 is plenty big for me (too big still in the arm rests--see below). I had nowhere to demo these chairs so I had to choose from the descriptions only, unfortunately.

I am trusting that the premium leather is in fact, premium leather. It's ok, but I couldn't compare it to the regular or medium level leather--I just ordered the most expensive leather. It's not to a level that I was overwhelmed by how nice it looked, smelled, or felt. I hope it's going to last for 15-20 years, which is why I ordered the "best." I am trusting what they sent is their best leather--I don't really know.

The computer desk option is a great design and I'm really, really glad I purchased this part. I use my laptop in this chair almost 100% of the time, so this was a great decision. One note, while it's fairly adjustable, you have to put it high enough on it's column to be able to recline and not have it hit your legs (mine is at the max height). This is ok, but i can't rest my arms on the arm rests while typing. I don't really mind this, but I'm not sure how good this is for my long-term comfort and well-being. Time will tell. I'm reading the screen more than typing, so I just pull my arms back when not typing. Just something to be conscious of if your going to sit in this thing and work all day...I'm not.

As for the arm rests, this is one of my issues, and ironically, they are TOO high for my body size (ironically not being high enough to support my arms while typing). The design of the chair has the arm rests in a stationary position, so the chair reclines around them. When partially reclined, it's ok, but when fully reclined, they end up being too high and too far away for my arms to rest comfortably. My arms actually fell asleep in his position in my only "nap" I took in the chair so far. This is a fundamental part of the chair design, so there's really no changing it. It's probably one of the only design flaws I've found in the chair so far, at least for a person of my size. If you're taller than I am, perhaps it's won't be an issue for you.

I ordered the memory foam upgrade. I would have hated to have the chair without it, because I wouldn't call the chair super comfy WITH the memory foam. It's not awful, but it's not as comfortable as I would have hoped, especially with my injury. I listen to music 1-3 hours a night as a way to relax, so this chair is the key to being able to be comfortable for that long. I'm also standing at work now 9-11 hours a day (lifestyle change as a result of the injury), so I need to relax off of my feet when I'm at home. My lumbar issue (both in my back and with the chair) might be causing additional complaints in this area (see next).

The remote lumbar option either doesn't work in the one they sent me, or doesn't work at all. There's an air bladder that is hooked to a battery pack and a motor that is supposed to inflate/deflate with the wired remote. The motor runs, but I don't really see (and definitely don't feel) it inflate or deflate. I'm going to go to a manual lumbar pillow for now until I can get a replacement kit and try it again. I expected (hoped) this would be like the lumbar support in my power car seats (which work). This doesn't, at least for the one they sent me. I think it was only a $50 option perhaps, so I guess in this case maybe you don't get what you don't pay for.

Ironically, the lack of lumbar support is probably my biggest comfort complaint with this chair design, and that's really where I need it most.

If I find that improving the lumbar support (either by the supplied product or some extra pillow) improves the comfort, I will update this review.

The "white glove" setup was kind of a joke--they delivery guys tried hard, and kept me from crawling around stuffing memory foam into the pockets, tugging cords on my knees, etc,, but I had to supervise and direct then for about 30 of the 60 minutes it took them to put everything together. They admitted it was the first one of these chairs they had ever put together, and complained most of the time despite trying hard. I live in a 1.5M person metropolitan area, so it's not like I had this delivered out to the sticks somewhere. I would have expected (or hoped) for a more experienced delivery team. To compare, the crew that showed up to set up our Sleep Number beds were unbelievably professional, quick, and precise. That is all they do, and they knew what they were doing. These white glove guys did not.

Overall, this chair is not terrible, but I'm not sure it's as awesome as it should be for nearly $4K. I just set the lawn chair up again to see if I was being fair, and honestly, it's at least as comfy as this chair is, if not more. It feels more "zero gravity" than this one does. Again, it was $75 on sale. It just looks terrible in your living room and doesn't have a computer desk.