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TravelLite Seat Cushion by Lifeform

TravelLite Seat Cushion by Lifeform

Product Review (submitted on February 10, 2014):

I drive a 2014 Subaru Forester which has very firm, somewhat short in length, but supportive seats. I knew before buying the car that many people complained about the firmness of the driver seat so I started early on looking for a proper cushion. After driving the car a few weeks I too found the car seat uncomfortable. The main problem was not my lower back but pain in the back of my thighs. I believe it was a combination of the short car seat (I have somewhat longer than average legs for my height) and the firm seat. My search ended with the TravelLite which fits perfectly and matches the black cloth car seat material so it does not stand out and looks almost custom made for my vehicle. It completely solved my issue ... and provided much better all around comfort. I am 5' 11" tall and the cushion does add about 2" in height but I was able to lower my seat (I have an electric seat) to accomodate my preferred seating position and height. I would recommend that you test the cushion out like I did at the store if you have a concern about the extra height. Also, it is hard when cold (think winter mornings) but softens after it warms up when you sit. Although somewhat expensive, the cushion feels fantastic and well worth the money.