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BedLounge Backrest Pillow

BedLounge Backrest Pillow

Product Review (submitted on January 16, 2014):

I have neck and shoulder trouble and cannot get comfortable when sitting in bed. No amount or configuration with pillows worked for me. I love my bed lounger. It provides great support for my beck and shoulders. My arms can rest on the supports or can rest by my side. It's roomy. I rarely try to lay my head back as I'm usually reading, but could do so without pain. The neck rest does adjust for height. I put a bed pillow between my bed lounger and the headboard and this provides a bit of room for the neck rest to move horizontally. The foam is rigid. The covering is washable. It is light weight and easy to carry to the closet when not in use. It does take up quite a bit of space. It am just so grateful to have it because I like to sit in bed and now I can do that pain free.