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ContourSleep Side Sleeper Bed Wedge

ContourSleep Side Sleeper Bed Wedge

Product Review (submitted on September 7, 2010):

I bought this wedge after reading about the general health benefits of sleeping on an incline. I do not suffer from major health problems, but do snore when sleeping on my back. I usually sleep on my side, but noticed the first night that I did not immediately start snoring when switching to my back, as I usually do on a Saturday morning sleep-in. This pillow is super-fantastic comfortable and I was in love with it the very first night! I noticed the very first time I slept on it that I felt better in the morning and, indeed, throughout the day. That feeling has continued throughout the subsequent days I have used the wedge. Morning congestion is gone as well. Sleeping on an incline is also supposed to rev up detoxification, and I have definitely noticed beneficial detox symptoms, which I am too polite to describe. Purchasing this product seemed much safer than raising my none-too-sturdy bed-frame onto blocks and was easier to obtain than a six-foot wedge.

I have read that sleeping on an incline will help cure varicose veins after a month or so. I coincidentally noticed a couple of days after I bought this wedge that I do indeed have a small area of varicose and spider veins on my calf, and am waiting to see if they improve with this wedge. Even if they don't, I will continue to use this wedge because I feel so darned much awful much better in the morning than with any other sleep system.

I am only giving it 4 stars for quality and value because, although they seem great, I have no idea as to the long-term durability of this product yet. I have used it on my regular mattress, using my same old feather pillow. I don't slide down during the night nearly as much as described in sleeping on a genuine full-length incline. This wedge cradles and comforts me, and I will not be without it ever again! The first night I fell asleep without grabbing it, I woke up sorely missing it indeed!