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PureFit Mattress

PureFit Mattress

Product Review (submitted on December 6, 2012):

Desperate for a comfortable mattress, I shopped all over in stores and online, doing a lot of research. Eventually I ended up at the Relax The Back store in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The manager there was very nice and very helpful. I chose the pure-fit mattress because I wanted a foam mattress that was eco-friendly. I lay on the one in the store for a long time to be sure it was comfortable. I preferred the softer pure-fit to the firmer pure-relax. Unfortunately, the mattress delivered to our home is just as firm as the pure-relax - not soft like the pure-fit in the store. I double-checked the label on the mattress to be sure we did not receive the wrong one - we didn't. After a few weeks I visited the store again to double check the comfort of my mattress to the one on the store. The pure-fit in the store felt wonderful - not the one at home. It's been several months now as I was hoping it would eventually "break in" and feel like the one in the store, but no luck. This was very expensive, and I am so disappointed that I am still tossing and turning in bed every night. My shoulders are particularly uncomfortable, and I am now in physical therapy for them. Perhaps I'll try to see if the store manager would accomodate a trade of some kind....I would still like a pure-fit mattress that feels like the one in the store!