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TEMPUR-Side Pillow

TEMPUR-Side Pillow

Product Review (submitted on October 20, 2012):

Never could sleep on my side even though I wanted to, because pillows didn't support my shoulders and neck. For most of my life I slept on an almost flat Dacron pillow because of the smothering effect of most pillows. The flat pillow was as comfortable as I thought I would ever be, and I moved around a lot, trying to align my lower back with my neck and shoulders. Then I found the classic Tempur-Pedic pillows and slept on those for a few years. This was a great improvement. I still have those pillows as they are useful for all kinds of things.
Then I found the side sleeper pillow. It goes everywhere with me.
Although I am a small person, this pillow fits. Perhaps it might need an adjustment period for some. After having used the more classic Tempur-Pedic for a good while, I took to the side sleeper rather quickly. It is a different experience. And a really good one.