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McCarty's Sacro Ease Back Support


McCarty's Sacro Ease Car Back Support makes driving and travel easier for your spine, lumbar, and lower back. The ergonomic design of this sacro ease cushion corrects the slumped position you assume when driving or sitting in a car seat. The car back support is firm enough to correct your posture, but still soft enough to be comfortable. For a customized car seat that provides hip and lumbar support, McCarty's Sacro Ease Car Back Support will help you travel with ease. This product is also known as McCarty's Sacro Ease Back Support.

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Customer Reviews

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Got me through 5 years of engineering school Review by NASA Engineer:

on 5/1/13

I had to quit my job due to lower back problems. I decided to go back to school for an engineering degree but was very concerned about the hard classroom chairs, I could barely sit upright for more than 20 minutes in any chair. I bought the Sacroease and took it to all of my classes, I could not have made it without it! I carried it to class, used it in the car, on planes and any chair I had to sit in. Great product!

Awesome product! Review by Jess:

on 11/11/12

I bought this at a Relax the Back Store and they adjusted it for the shape of my back. I am so grateful for this product! I drive long hours for work and have been dealing with some very painful sciatic nerve pain caused from an old back injury. I bought one of these, drove close to 300 miles the week after purchasing it and the sciatic pain went away! I was so impressed! I also use it in my office when I spend all day writing reports. I love it! It was well worth the money! If you drive a lot and have lower back pain, I would recommend this for you. Awesome product!!!

My low back pain has subsided considerably Review by Linda:

on 6/16/12

Great releif. I put it on the chair where I watch television and use my computer. My low back pain has subsided considerably.

Greatest back support for any price Review by Big Al:

on 12/14/11

This is the best back support for those of us who drive long distances in a variety of vehicles. I have had my back support for 4 years and it is time for a new one. I highly recommend it-don't be shocked because of the price-it is worth it!!!

Great product Review by Royaltreat:

on 9/5/11

When I bought my 3 year old mini van I couldn't drive it for more than a half hour without my back hurting and my leg getting numb. I bought this seat and I can now drive for 5 hours without a problem. It's better than the seats in my brand new Cadillac. I've had it for five years now and it is still in perfect condition and still works great. Only problem I see is it was adjusted for the shape of my back at the Relax The Back store. Don't know how it would be adjusted if purchased online?

5 Item(s)

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