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PureContour Dual Pillow by Relax The Back


Visit a Relax The Back Store for your personal pillow fitting.

Choose the cervical shaped PureContour Dual Pillow by Relax The Back® with 3 depth measurements to properly fit to your neck.

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Customer Reviews

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dislike Review by Mary:

on 7/19/14

I bought the pillow a week ago, It took 5 days for the chemical smell to go away enough to use it. I have used it 2 nights and had a neck ache each morning. This is not a returnable item. I am very dissatisfied. the salesman had me lay on it and told me it was the right one for my neck size. I am a small women and it was a medium.

Think it will feel like MY pillow, with time, once the smell goes away & I get used to the cumersome length & the damp hair! I had paid this much for a pillow before but the height was wrong. Review by MEM:

on 3/17/14

Recovering from a neck injury & desperate to find the RIGHT pillow. Have had it for a week & the smell still persists! And I wake up with damp hair. Although my neck is still sore & I am in therapy, I believe I will be helped by this pillow. The height is right BUT I need one half as long - any chance on that?

I Love this Pillow Review by Shelley:

on 10/25/13

The most comfortable pillow available for both side and back sleeping. It is so much better than the hard, contour ones out there. I also love that it comes in a smaller size (3 1/2 inches) since the larger ones are way too uncomfortable for me. I've used these for years, and they last a long time. I get sleepy just thinking about it!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Review by Review from Greenville, SC :

on 2/22/13

I have had constant neck pain, headaches and never felt like I could ever get enough sleep. I finally found a pillow that works, I wake up feeling I slept 10+ hours even if it's only been 5. It's been 4 nights now, but the first night I used it.... the next day I knew it was the right one. It wasn't hard to get used to like the contour pillows I bought from a chiropractor or retail store, which didn't work for me anyway. I always thought a nice firm pillow was the key to solving my daily headaches/neck pains, so I was skeptical. I can sleep on my side, stomach- and I haven't thought about going back to my old pillow once. I HIGHLY recommend it- it's worth the money. Only downside is it is pricey but you can tell it is durable and made well.

Good Review by Kasim:

on 7/7/12

you get a special pillow that takes the frame of your head and neck. Normal pillows loose their shape and then your neck is not supported.Its best to get one the keeps its shape and supports your neck.

Great Pillows for Neck Issues Review by Diane:

on 5/15/12

I have had neck problems for years and have tried many, many pillows. I found the Tempur-Pedic pillows to be too hard for my neck. This pillow was finally the one that I could sleep well with and wake up feeling good, not worse.

Everyone wants my pillow!!! Review by Michelle:

on 9/22/11

Finally a good night's sleep without a sore neck the next day. Had to buy one for my daughter, after she tried it one night and loved it too! Worth the money. Cheaper copies at Bed, Bath, and Beyond was unusable! Horrible chemical smell!!! Tried to get away with a cheaper version for my daughter, but couldn't even try it due to that smell! Will only go to Relax the Back from now on!

I wish I had this pillow a long time ago Review by In Georgia:

on 8/31/11

This pillow is wonderful. I had been changing pillows several times during the night, making getting a good night's sleep impossible. Now I don't change pillows at all and sleeping much better.

Awesome pillow that I take everywhere with me... Review by Darrin:

on 9/29/10

...including camping! My wife has a Tempurpedic pillow but always wants to trade with me. Whenever I let her for a night or two, I always regret it! The Tempurpedic always "goes flat" but this one continues to support my neck without feeling hard. I've had it probably near a decade now and I think it's time to come in and get one for my wife. Relax The Back also ensures you get the correct size and this is more involved than most people think. The results speak for themselves!

9 Item(s)

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